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Saturday, September 20, 2008

SEE? I'm not the only one........

I read this blog article and about fell off my couch laughing. I'd write my own original version excepting this gal puts it so perfectly and those of you that know me who have to keep talking.....and talking......and talking......and cussing at me to pick up the dang phone on the answering's nice to know I'm not the only PHONE FREAK out there!!!


  1. I kind of understand. My biggest problem is making phone calls. I don't mind answering the phone, but if possible I let someone else make the phone calls.

  2. oh my gosh. that is me to a t. I can't even answer when my friends call because i don't know what they're going to say. in high school if i had to call somebody i would go over with someone what i should say and write it down word for word. I am so afraid of the phone it is insane. my calling now is visiting teaching supervisor... they thought they'd give me something easy since I've got all these babies. little did they know calling people is the hardest thing for me.

  3. Did I connect you with her? Is this girl not the funniest person EVER? And they have a club over there, a club of people who leave comments. I want some. I'm going to have to copy the comment I made over there and put it here, too. Because it fits, and I need exposure. Yes. Aha.

  4. Glad I thought of this. Nobody over there's going to ever read this, and I liked it. So HA!!!

    Oh, for heaven's sake, woman. Do you read all of these? Now this is the second friend of mine who has linked to you in her blog - and I am finally putting you in my reader, which is almost as hard for me as answering the phone is for you.

    I am not like you in this. I just want to go on record. I LOVE phones. I love them like I love my EARS. When I don't have my cell phone, I feel like I've lost my sense of smell or something - or I've gone blind, and I start blundering around with my hands out. I have to be at least potentially connected.

    And when it's some number on the ID that i don't know? I love that. It gives me an excuse to exercise my puffer-fish mechanism - all the spines come out and my eyes narrow down like i'm acquiring a target, and when I answer, it's like' "WHoever you are, this better be dang GOOD."

    I love it when it's an insurance guy, violating my no-call status. I get to wring them out and stab them with icy wit. How many opportunities do you get like that in a civilized life time? It's like having deer dance up to you with targets painted all over them.

    But really, I'm probably way less likely to answer the phone if I DO know who it is, because whoever it is, friend or fam, I know I'm probably not up to whatever they're going to dump on my mental doorstep. And it's especially bad if it's somebody from church, because whatever it is they're calling about, you can bet its got a windfall of guilt attached to it.

    So maybe we're more alike than all that. Maybe - I don't know, we should talk. Maybe I'll just give you a call . . .

  5. OK, well maybe you're going to think I'm adopted or something, but I certainly didn't inherit my mother's love for the phone. I HATE it. I've never liked it much, but since I've had my mortgage job, and have had to carry around a cell phone, never knowing who the caller might be or what they might want, I am so scared of it.
    I've had really mean people call me up and say mean things, I've had bad bad work news and all sorts of other things.
    So anyway, comes down to the fact that I don't like to answer anymore, and I don't like to talk.
    It drives Kris crazy. But whatever.


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