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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Are You Growing Fonder of Me?

Absence, they say, makes the heart grow fonder. Are you fond of me yet?

I'm not sure that this statement is true. I can think of a lot of things in my life that if they were absent I would not grow fonder of. Take for example laundry. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't miss it. Nope! Not even a smidge. Dishes....... cleaning bathrooms...... cleaning in general....... Not feelin' it!

Yesterday was a great day. The SM had been in Japan all week and was expected to arrive in the late afternoon. I woke up excited and went about my morning preparations of getting The Native's off to school. I got myself all dolled up from head to toe and started fixing a meal that would remind him as to why he likes it better here than his wife's cooking in Japan. I tease him that when ever he gets tired of my cooking, he hops on a plane and visits his other wives around the world. Obviously, their cooking doesn't compare any where near mine because he always returns after a week or so of tasting their cooking.

I'm dancing and sashaying away in the kitchen and need something from down stairs. I runway walk in my high heels over to the stairs...... and the next thing I know....... I am at the bottom of the stairs on the floor in a tumbled heap laughing till my eyes are watering.

Sexy. Graceful. I am not.

Its gotta be my cooking The SM is fond of while he is absent........


  1. Ha, ha! I love it. Sounds like a page out of my book of life. Endearingly clumsy. That's us.

  2. Seriously? You fell down the stairs? The obvious thing would be for me to gasp with a "great and anxious" sense for your concern and politely ask, are you OOKAAYYYY? But knowing you and I absolutely always have our priorities straight...
    Holy cartwheels Rachel! Did you mess up your hair or break a heel on the way down? Cause you know, that would have just been terrible!

  3. OH! and you know what? i still get all red in the face when i do something like that...all a whole group of people are there to watch me bounce around on know what.

    that hurts by the way. good to laugh at it. gives us back some dignity. but then we just throw it away with a blog post. oh well.

    i have missed you. and i am very fond. i would say i am even fonder. so it worked! ;)

  4. I'm impressed that you wear heals. I don't even bother. While my legs would have a lot to gain if I attempted to elongate them, the rest of my body has too much to lose.

  5. I think he comes home for more than the food. Take for instance those amazing shoes you wear.

  6. Sarah, At least we're endearing right?

    Jody, No. I did not mess up my hair or break the heel of my shoes but I DID lose the jewel on my cute toe nail job and I am just beside myself!

    Misty, It is so nice to be missed. And just so you know. My face was several shades of red. Even though no one saw me, well, except for Henny Penny who sat there laughing with me.

    Lyndee, Trashy shoes. I can't help myself.

    Chastina, The shoes are pretty dang cute aren't they....... Yeah. I bet you're right. It's not my cooking he comes home for. It's the shoes! ;)

  7. Okay. Are you fonder of ME? Where have I been? Do I know? And that story reminds me of the time when I was student teaching and got up on a chair in the middle of the room and reamed the wild kids out for not being professional and disciplined. They went silent, and I knew I had scored. And actually, I think I really did score. But when I stepped down from the chair, I realized that my nice long old-fashioned fly had been down the entire time . . .

    And my security word was braing, as in "You braing me that there bowl of candy, son."

  8. Kristen, I know where you've been! Just waiting to hear all about it.

    Giggling. Well, it could have been worse. In JR. High I had a male teacher that stood up and then had to sit down real fast and stay there for awhile....... but not before many students noticed and told the rest of us who "didn't get it" about it later.


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