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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Process of Being Ugly

"I'm not a witch! I'm your wife!" What's that from???

First, you take chocolate candy for melting. Melt; and paint the inside of a hideous rubber mask. After the candy is hardened you peel off the mask to reveal the beginning of your master piece. (Make sure you get the candy/chocolate in all of the nooks and crannies like the ears, warts, nostrils, etc.)

Second, you make a cake and shove it all inside of your chocolate head.

Then, you frost the back of the head where you are going to place black licorice for the hair.

You are going to use some of these..

to shove into any holes you can find.

And some of these......

because they add to the nastiness.

A work of art. If I do say so myself!


  1. that looks so nasty.
    oh my goodness.

  2. I know, I know,....The Princess Bride.

    What a work of art! That looks great.

  3. Rodents of unusual size? I don't believe they exist.


    You are so stinking awesome. Really. I want to be you. ;)

  4. Very cool, but nasty! And it's from The Princess Bride. :)

  5. Wow! This masterful piece of art is something to behold. Too bad I'm too busy cringing to be able to truly appreciated the art.

  6. That cake is flipen awesome! You done good! (Get over this head cold soon please and thank you!)

  7. Hanna, You should have stayed and had some!!

    Chastina, Bingo! Love that movie. Loving the book even more!

    I had fun even though I felt horrid making the cake.

    Misty, Any rodent to me is of unusual size! Bleck!

    You want to be me? You want to have a nasty cold? You're NUTS! ;)

    Natasha, Yes indeed! Princess Bride it is. A movie quoted quite often in this house.

    Lyndee, Mr. C told me this year he is actually going to eat the food from the party. Last year, he was too disgusted. He couldn't do it.

    This year he overcame. He got a spoon and ate the witches "brain". I'm so proud of him!!! :D

    Jody, Having a cold has its perks.... The Native's are at church. I am home. Alone. With their Halloween candy. HA!!!!

  8. Oh MY GOSH!!! First of all, your allusion is from that freaking stinking film adaption of a Great Book - is that line in the book, I wonder? It's so Billy Crystal - but then, they cast him for a reason = gotta go back and read it again.

    But the CAKE. I AM THROWING UP this is so gross. WHERE ON EARTH did you come up with an idea like this? And you do you get a cake into that face? I mean, really? And cockroaches. And - excuse me (cough cough) - who could actually CUT it? Holy cats. No WONDER you were sick today.

  9. Kristen, You have to admit that Billy Crystal did an awesome job playing his part...... and yes, you do need to go back and read the book again. We are quite enjoying it!

    As for the cake..... we had a delightful evening taking our spoons and digging into the back of the witches head eating her black.... velvety.....chocolaty.... BRAINS!

    Those who were brave enough, chipped apart her face and at that too!!! :D Warts and all.

    P.S. It is quite easy to shove cake in the back of her head. I made the cake the same as I do cake balls and shoved the goodness into the back of her head. Elementary my dear Watson. Elementary!

  10. lol
    was it amazingly delicous?

  11. Oh wow Rachel, that is AMAZING!!!! I want to try that sometime, my daughter would have loved something like this for halloween.
    By the way, you don't know me :) I just came across your blog somehow and I really love it!

  12. Chrystal, Welcome!! I'm glad there was something here that you liked. :D

    The witch cake is easy to make and quite disgustingly fantastic!

  13. Ew ew ew, it is so ugly! Especially the worm snot. But how dang impressive as well! You're so amazing.

  14. Ginna, When it comes to ewww and disgusting! I'm queen. I'm the president. I'm. A. Natural. :D

  15. This is so disgusting and awesome at the same time.

  16. Uncle Rush, I know. :D I come by it naturally.


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