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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Update from yesterday's post:

Midnight came.

Midnight went.

The Native's all went to school

with shaved brows and heads.

The SM is next.

Several birds have abandoned their flights to the south as they take up residence in the ever growing unibrow planning to hunker down for the winter.....


  1. I'd love to see a pic of all the shaved heads. :D

    I hope you can get those tweezers returned soon. I guess the natives don't realize what a necessary tool tweezers are.

  2. somebody take that woman a pair of TWEEZERS!!!! natalie???? chastina??? someone!!! kristen...quick!!!!

  3. Chill mist. She knows what happens to the pants of a big fat liar - Sad. I would've loved assisting -

  4. LOL
    I hope you find your tweezers!!!

  5. Here...I got you these:

  6. :)

    I want to see all those bald heads . . . but wait, couldn't you control your 'brow by the same means you made your family bald?

  7. Chastina, And getting ever the more important as each day comes and goes and no tweezers!

    Misty, They didn't listen!

    Kristen, Okay, maybe not in reality but FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING!!

    Hanna, Got any I could steal, I mean borrow?

    Tami, You saw my uni brow didn't you?? You saw it and knew that I needed big guns for the project. :D

    Anaise, My baby sis can tell you from experience, one slip and oops! Bye bye eye brow! Which may be better than what I am sporting actually......

  8. ......razer...use it in hiding!


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