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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Warning 2

(Scraping melted plastic off hearth)

This is a message from the local fire marshal for and in behalf of all citizens considering/wanting/having done/contemplating cleaning out ashes from a fire pit/wood stove/microwave/etc.

(Notice red embers in ash)

Common sense would tell you to check ashes to make sure they are not hot before placing them in a plastic bag. In a plastic garbage can.

If common sense is lacking for some reason, be it you had little to no sleep the night before, your panty hose are too tight thus restricting precious blood flow, you've been on a diet making it so the only thing you can think about is chocolate... getting your next piece of chocolate... when can you find/steal a piece of chocolate... if you eat chocolate you're going to have to wear control top panty hose.... you lose sleep over it.... What ever your reason!

I realize that the last fire that was burning in your "appliance" was an entire day ago! Reason should point towards nice cool ashes....... reason....... BETRAYS! Do NOT trust reason.

And if reason should prevail and you do happen to melt your trash can and ash then falls out of the melty hole onto your carpet and you grab your trash can running it outside as it blows smoke and ash in your face do me a favor eh?

(Notice smoke still coming out of melty hole)

Make sure when you throw it into ANOTHER plastic trash can (owned by the city) make sure it is pouring rain, or at least get a hose and douse your fire eh?

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Cuz you may end up with this...... and the city and the local fire marshals. They just don't get a neighborhood weenie roast like they did in the good ol' days.....

Not that I would know. This is all hypothetical of course and just. A warning. I am after all..... The Scout Master's wife!


  1. Warnings are good. After all, WHO KNEW plastic could be so meltable? Or flammable? Certainly not the person who watched her daughter's "protective" latex gloves go up in flames during a science experiment... Not that I would know any such person...

  2. Thank you for the warning. It's a good thing your the scout master's wife so you don't do those kinds of things. ;D

  3. i think if you had tweezers this never would of happened. you would have been plucking your uni brow instead of cleaning out the stove. Maybe its time for the stove to go...first your hair then your garbage can...or maybe its time for the natives to go! after all...they took the tweezers which caused you to be bored and clean the stove and then burn the garbage can. just sayin....

  4. That is how I experienced my one and only truly scary housefire (as a child, cause I would never do that as an adult ;) ). We dumped the ashes out the back door and into the snow. Apparently they were still didn't all make it to the snow....and started the back of the house on fire. Live and learn.

  5. Wow. You almost had me going there for a minute -- then -- wait a minute. That's not her house. That would have been unbelievable. I would have claimed those ashes to be possessed if your city garbage can had melted.

    It's a good thing you have really short hair. I think that might be best for the time being.

  6. Love Love the first picture!!! And Oh can I relate to your situation. Poor thing.

  7. Why are fires so hard to start when you're camping, and so easy to start at home?

  8. Umm. Okay. I'm late on this one. Not your house, but did you? I mean did you throw them in the other plastic trashcan? I'm just askin' - oh, dear. I'm going to the farmer's market today after the tread and horses dance. Chaz is coming. YOu wanna come before the storm hits? Will they let you out? Oh, but you're Eagleing, I think -

  9. Korrie, What we do in the name of homeschooling. That was all part of the lesson right? ;)

    Chastina, I know! That would be SO embarassing!!

    Alex, You are brilliant! You have a very good point. The Native's will be landing in Pitt in a few hours. Hope you have better luck with them. ;)

    Lyndee, Oh my gosh! Seriously? Scary!

    Kathy, LOL! Lee asked me why I'd gone shorter. I told him, "Less chance of me burning it off yet again."

    Jody, Dirty things aren't they? Worth it though... I think.. if I don't burn the house down!

    Anaise, LOL! Good point!!! Oh so true!

    Kristen, Hypothetically. Yes.

    I'd LOVE to go with you excepting I've been up two nights in a row now with a horrid cold that is getting worse as my throat that was tender and sore, if you can believe, is now on fire. As in wincing feels like I've burned it with acid. My teeth hurt..... nose is flipping between running and conjestion....

    Not fun. I'd love to go but.... I don't want to pass this on to anyone!

  10. Oh you almost got me with that last picture too--YIKES! I'm glad it didn't go that far.
    And I hope that nasty cold went away.....hopefully by now it did since I'm reading and commenting so late.....

  11. Ginna, Sniffle. No. I still have a code in my node....


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