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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Old Darby Road

You'll have to click on the photos to see them and what is written. Sorry everything is so small.

For half of my life, my address was: 1297 Old Darby Road Darby, Montana 59829. The other half it was: 2811 Old Darby Road.......

Same house. Different address. Growing up, I never understood how the post office could all of a sudden give us a new address when I was living in the same old house.

I don't know why, but I always make The SM drive by my old home when ever we go back to Montana to visit. And every time we drive by I get all ticked at how the place is being ruined.

* The yellow star in the tree. Yeah. That would be the apple tree we'd hide in and chuck rotten apples at mom's milk customers...... Sorry mom. Click on link for story.

This last trip was no different. I did take photos for you but not of my home. They've let it run down too much. It makes me sick. You can see the outbuildings/barns in major need of a paint job. I have a photo of my home from growing up that I'll figure how to scan and add someday.

As you can see, I had it pretty good growing up. I spent very little time in my house. Most of the time was spent in those fields and hills both working and playing.

Oh! And my house! It really is an old neat farm house. It was one of the stops on the Pony Express. True story! And the name "DEMOTT" on the garage/shop. A land mark. The people who owned/ran the stop. Their name was DeMott.

Just a little bit of fun history about my old home. The place where they stabled the horses was down the street around the corner. Another really neat old farm house.


  1. There is no living like country living!

  2. And I am crying for this, too, now.

  3. Beautiful! That is the kind of freedom our kids miss out on.

  4. Funny I stumbled on this. My last name is DeMott and my grandparents used to own this place back when my dad was a kid. I've always dreamed of buying it to have it back in the family. I've never set foot on the property but it would be a great place to raise our young family.

    Mike DeMott

  5. Lyndee, There really isn't. I've struggled with raising my boys in the 'city'. I wish they had what I had and yet, they have things that I didn't have that are pretty swell to so.....

    Kristen, Do you vant that I shood bring you over a tissue?

    Chastina, Many years fighting the cowboys and indians! Laws we were a blood thirsty lot! And if you survived being scalped or shot through, you were made to walk the plank...... over the pond!

    Mike, What are the odds! How in the world did you come across this? How fun!

    It really was a great place to raise a young family. Oh the adventures I could tell.

    Believe me. All of us wish we could have bought the place and kept it in the family as well. Well, until it started to go down hill and the ugly addition was put on and the field next to dug up and another house put on...... grrrr. I spent my entire childhood there. 18 years. Many fond memories.

    How fun to make this connection! Where do you live? Where did the DeMott's go? Not that I am complaining. :D I wouldn't have grown up in that house if your family had not moved..... just curious is all.

  6. Mike, Another interesting side note. That home has always been "The DeMott Place". Even after being there for as long as we were...... people always and us included referred to it as the DeMott place and people still do. :) I hope the name DEMOTT is always and forever on the garage/shop or whatever it is now. It goes with the place. Even if the place has changed so much.

  7. Well I probably should work but this is getting more interesting :) I was just in Hamilton as the other house my grandparents owned after this one was on the market. I got beat to it though. So to answer one of your questions they moved into Hamilton and the place is on the corner of 2nd and Grove. I'm assuming they moved into it around the time you would have moved in. They lived there for quite awhile until moving to another place in Hamilton as they got older and needed less space. They passed away around 15 years ago. My uncle still lives in Corvallis and my dad is in Missoula. They both lived in your old house along with my aunt who is in Troy, MT. I left Missoula about 8 years ago and lived in Newport, OR for 3 years and the rest of the time here in Goldendale, WA. Our place here is on some acreage and my young boys have a great lifestyle.

    I did a google search for DeMott barn in Darby and came across this blog. The time feels right to move back 'home' and I want to get to the Hamilton area. Missoula isn't what it used to be.

    I'd like to chat more and learn more about the old place. Now that I'm a little older I'm really getting into my family history. My day time email is

    Feel free to use it.

  8. Mike, I just called my parents and told them about this 'coincidence'. What a small world. I'll reply more via e-mail.

  9. I love being out in the country too and I love that you were able to get these photos on your last trip home. But I can't help but like the situation of the above comments even better than your post. HOW cool is this coincidence for you? Sweet!

  10. Rachel, you have the coolest connections happen on your blog. Coincidence? I think not.
    What a beautiful place to grow up! If I were Mike I would want to move back there too.

  11. Jody, It's been so much fun talking about the old home. Who knew!

    Natalie, LOL! I know! Just goes to show it really is a small world after all. :D

  12. What a beautiful place to have grown up in, Rachel. This is a little similar to where we live now...lots of fields, narrow roads, mountain foothills, windy creeks, and cows. Love it.

  13. Lori, I am so glad you are able to raise your children in a way I was raised. They'll never fully appreciate what they've been given until they have to leave it. :) But that is true with all of us about a lot of things.

  14. Rachel, a blast from the past, I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Karen and my family(theArchambaults) had a ranch on the hill above your family's house more than 30 years ago. I recall one of your sisters babysat for me. I have not been back to Darby for a long time, but plan to next year in celebration of my 40th. I stumbled onto your blog via facebook since your sister Lienna is friends with Rhonda Boyer another neighbor. The pictures are great and I don't remember the Demott sign though but I was quite young back then. Your blog is awesome, you're more than welcome to see mine. We're still in Denver.

  15. Karen, This is so fun. Who knew when I wrote this post on my blog that it would confirm how small the world truly is.

    I didn't know Rhonda was on FB! Her sister Renee was my best friend growing up. The house I circled in the above photos.

    What fun connections!!

  16. I was friends with Renee too back then and we reconnected again on FB. She remembered me too, and Rhonda is living in the area again, so I guess I have plenty of people to see when I make the trip out there next summer. I may spend one night in Missoula, visit with my cousin then stay in Hamilton for the remainder, I'll see it will be fun to plan since there's a lot to see in the Bitterroot Valley.

  17. Hi,
    My name is Debbie and I am from CA. My daughter is a student at U of M, so I was looking to move to Montana. I looked at, and fell in love with the "Old DeMott Place" (yes, they still call it that.) It needs a ton of work (the living room floor is sinking into the basement), but I would have poured my heart & soul (and probably every last dime) into restoring it. Unfortunately, they did not accept my offer. This was last year. I haven't seen it on the market lately, even though I keep checking to see if they have lowered the price. Thank you for sharing your memories. It could be a beautiful place.

  18. Hi Debbie! It would make my heart all warm and fuzzy if you were able to restore the place. I'm sorry they didn't accept your offer.

    I think you would love living in MT. But then, I'm prejudiced. ;)

  19. Thanks, Rachel. You and your family would have been welcome anytime. The more the merrier! I actually have a ton of pictures inside and out. They would probably break your heart though. I really fell in love with that place. I didn't see it for what it is now, but what it was & what it could be again. Unfortunately, they had it way overpriced for all of the work that it needed. I keep checking on it to see if the price comes down, but they took it off the market & rented it out. I am glad I found this post, none of my friends could understand why I fell in love with it. They just saw it as a money pit.
    Blessings to you and your family,

  20. Rachel, I just moved to the area. My maiden name is DeMott. I was surprised when I was driving down the road and saw this house. I had to stop and take a picture of it. It is currently for sale.


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