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Monday, October 25, 2010

Warning 1

This week I will be issuing a series of warnings. I feel it is my civic duty.

When making gobs of homemade pizza dough, do not, and I repeat.... DO NOT..... leave it unattended. Even if your son calls you from fifteen minutes away asking you to come and pick him up from school. Make him walk home or hitch hike.

If you do cave in and go and get your son thinking you have all the time in the world, because dough usually takes about an hour to rise on the first rising, just know, that while you are away, evil mutant atomic gasseous forces will take over and you will come home to this. And if this isn't deterrent enough...... it will take you a half hour to forty-five minutes to clean up!

Not that I've ever had this happen to me..... I believe in making The Native's spend the night at school in the janitor's closet........


  1. Since he is the cause of the problem I hope he's the one who cleaned it up. ;D

  2. Note to Rachel:
    We changed brand of yeast. This one is a tee bit more active. :P
    I only use 3/4 tsp of yeast in a loaf of bread now.

  3. NOW he tells you.

    I just want to say here in public that this woman would NOT leave her children to the janitor's closet. I happen to know that she would drag herself five miles uphill (from sickbed to school door) by her elbows, and carry them home on her back at the least provocation. Just so you know.

  4. and change your header. you are killing all of us.

  5. :) forget it. i will just make some of those. that is better than death.

  6. yeah, change your header and send me some pizza.

  7. Are there two bread machines in that picture?!!?

    You need a bigger bowl--wasn't that good advice? :)

  8. Misty, I do have to say..... I love my wood stove. Taint nothin' like wood burning heat. And to sit in front of a wood burning stove with a cup of hot cocoa and a chocolate caramel apple...... oh yeahhhhh!

    Lyndee, You're welcome? I'm sorry? ;)

    Chastina, Oh he cleaned up the cooked pizza!!! Cleaned up a whole pan himself!

    Linda, Exploding wow!

    Brian, Thanks...... I'll remember that next time I make pizza again...... in like....... a year!

    Kristen, Actually, I think he's told me before. And I forgot. And he told me before that time too. And I forgot. It's a habit that needs breaking.

    Misty, Oh I will!! Eventually.. :D

    Jody, Does Pizza Hut deliver clear out where you are? ;)

    Hanna, Not funny!!

    Anaise, Yes! Two bread machines which run daily might I add. Two loaves of bread we go through easily in a day. I could probably use three bread machines!

    A bigger bowl..... I'll remember that next time. ;) Maybe. Probably not....

  9. I'm glad to realize from one of your comment replies that you scooped the dough back together and started over and made the pizzas! Way to go!

  10. Mike! Hold onto my seat. You're COMMENTING! :D

    Yes, I scooped it all up and continued on my merry pizza making way. :)

  11. Have you ever read that kids book Strega Nona? When the pasta takes over the town? That's what this is reminding me of. It's just good you didn't have to eat your way through it to get back in the house!!

  12. Ginna, NO! I haven't! But it sounds delicious! Kind of a "It's raining meatballs" kind of story....

  13. I almost had the same problem with my cinnamon roll dough, but I saw it in time. Rob thought he was in heaven, I let him eat cinnamon rolls (with cream cheese frosting!)for dinner (as long as he also ate the eggs & fruit milkshake I made too).

  14. Marseille, Breakfast (or dinner) of champions I say!!


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