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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Love of A Mother

A man in front of a group of people at a meeting told a mother of a new baby that the love a mother has for her baby is such that she would never let that baby go. She would never give her baby away because her love for her baby is so strong.

I sat listening and fumed. I wanted to say something, but didn't. Under the circumstances it would have been inappropriate. Obviously, this was a voice of inexperience. After the meeting was over, I walked over to a mother who's children have come by means of adoption. I put my arms around her adopted son and told him, "You know the scripture that talks about 'No greater love hath a man than he lay down his life for another.......' (paraphrasing of course). Well, no greater love hath a mother who gives her child to another because she loves that child so much."

To all of you mothers out there who have given the ultimate gift and to all those who are where I was over nineteen years ago as a teenager trying to decide..... It is the hardest thing you will ever do but giving your baby life, and then giving your baby to parents who would do anything and yearn to have children..... I encourage you to do so. Please choose adoption. Not abortion. Because you love your baby!

And where ever my baby girl is out there...... I pray that she knows I did what I did, because I loved her so much..........


  1. There you go again, making me cry. Rachel, you have no idea how right I think you are. Thank you.

  2. "It's about love" has been the perfect slogan, because it's nothing more than the truth. I have no doubt that your daughter will rise up and call you blessed for the choice you made.

  3. I know that I am SO thankful that a young woman in Alaska loved her baby girl enough to let my awesome brother-in-law and his wife adopt her. According to doctors, they never could have had a baby otherwise.

    That video makes me cry every time I see it.

  4. i spent 24 hours next to a girl who was giving her baby up for adoption. she was in the bed next to me in the hospital when i had taylor. in alaska. she was no more than 6 feet from me. i never saw her. there was a curtain between us. she never stopped crying. not once the entire time. she was a woman willing to give her heart to her baby. literally take a portion of her heart and hand it to someone else. that is love. this is an incredible post. you are such an incredible woman. i can't say more than that.

  5. This weekend I met with three adopted children. They are all happy and well-cared for with two loving parents. They are part of joyful families and the thought of an abortion ending their existence is heart-wrenching.

    Adoption is amazingly beautiful. It is human love on a higher level, a level of complete selflessness. Thank God for the selfless birth parents, like yourself, who have placed the well-being of the child over their own!

  6. Every adoption story that I've known has been nothing short of miraculous. And do you know how miracles take place? By the help of angels; angels just like you.

    You are amazing as ever, Lady.

  7. You have touched me and many others with your post....beautiful and so brave of you. Thank you.

  8. Rachel,

    If I liked you before . . .
    If I admired your commitment . . .
    If I delighted in your goofiness . . .
    If I enjoyed your writing . . .

    That was all nothing compared to the pure love I feel for you knowing this about you.

    Courageous is not enough of a descriptor.

    As one who became a mother via adoption, I thank you.

  9. Thank you all for your sweet comments and love.

  10. Oh, great. That's what I needed today. I'm having to mop up the desk and I'll probably have to go change my shirt - and I HAVE all that. My heart is tired.

  11. After seeing the heart break of couples who are unable to have children on their own, I have the highest respect for those who are able to give so that others may be parents!

  12. Beautiful my dear. My heart aches for your loss so many years ago but know God has his plans.

  13. Rachel, I have chills. What a beautiful testimony to the love of a mother. So many young women today choose abortion out of are so courageous, and yes, LOVING, to give your baby up for adoption. She is fulfilling someone's life now.

  14. Okay--just listened to the song. You had to do it, didn't you? As if I wasn't teary enough these days. That was me a few months ago. I wanted to know again the joy in "bringing that dream to life." What a beautiful, beautiful song.

    And what a beautiful, beautiful gift you gave.

  15. I delight in your strength and courage.


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