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Monday, October 18, 2010

Tough Enough To Wear Pink

Levi's favorite color is pink. Just ask him. He'll tell you.

He saw these slippers at Wal-Mart. He liked them. He wanted them. So I bought them for him. Got a problem with that? No? Good!

Got a problem with my new hair cut?

No? Good!


  1. You are such rebels in that household. Gosh. Defiant. Standing against the tides. But here's a secret: it won't be long before those pink slippers are pretty darned brown (especially if they become cycle wear), and that hair is going to grow out. So we'll see how long this rugged individualism lasts . . .

    Just don't take those slippers on the trek.

    My security word is "dement"

  2. There's a cute girl in my ward (well, she's a mom of 3, but girl sounded better than lady for whatever reason) with a similar haircut and I LOVE IT! There are certain people who could pull off green spiked hair and make it look good. You are one of those people and I'm jealous. Not that your hair looks green or spiked. I'm saying that I've seen 3 very different hairstyles on you and all are fabulous!

  3. Love the slippers and the haircut!!!
    lol :)

  4. Tell Levi that pink is a GREAT color and he should be proud of liking it so. Your hair cut is very cute! I always thought if I went short I would get that same cut. It looks very nice on you, from the back anyway. I would not know what it looks like from the front. Just a bunch of fingers is what it looked like to me. You should be safe from the wood stove at this point! Ha!

  5. It takes a strong guy to be able to admit that he likes pink. I think Levi is very strong.

    I also like the way your hair looks. Now please move your hand so I can see the front. :D

  6. My husband likes pink too. Not in his slippers but in his shirts and occassionally in a tie. Takes a strong man to like pink...way to go Levi!

  7. Feeling a little fiesty today, eh?
    Good for you.
    You know my opinion on your hair & I think since we are the Wolf Den leaders we should change our uniforms to include a little pink. Maybe then I would actually feel like I belong in that program. What'cha think? I know I've got Levi's vote.

  8. LOL I love K's comments, I have to admit part of the reason I read your blog is for her comments :-)

    Very nice hair cut BTW!

  9. Kristen, Yes! Like I said in my last post. I am rebellious. And if you think this is extreme! Wait till you see me with a blue streak in my hair!!! HA!

    Dement. It's a good security word! :D

    Lyndee, You are a dear. Thank you. Maybe not green spiked but red or blue!!! That I'd do!

    Hanna, Thank you!!! They have slippers just like em in your size ya know. :d

    Jody, Rev up that wood stove of yours and you can have hair just like mine! ;) Yup! No worries about burning off my hair this year.

    Chastina, I agree. Levi is one tough dude.

    I'd move my hand but the paparazzi was being obnoxious.

    Abbie, My teenage boys think it is the bomb! Pink is an awesome color to them!

    Natalie, Troop Beverly Hills! That's us!!

    Baa-Me Knits, I know! I have to admit that often while I am writing a post I delight in wondering what Kristen is going to come up with as a comment. I revel in being the rebel. In a conservative sort of way.... :D

    Thank you!

  10. Makes me want to chop my hair off again.


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