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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Attention Natives

Dear Natives:

As I was getting ready for the day this morning it became very apparent upon looking in the mirror that I was in need of a certain tool. That tool being one that you seem to take quite often and not put back. My tweezers.

Would the guilty party please have the said tweezers put back in my drawer in my bathroom before midnight tonight. Don't make me have to come and figure out which one of you took them. If you quietly put them away, we'll pretend this never happened.

If they are not put back by midnight this very night.... you will all wake up with shaved heads and eye brows.

Thank you and Sincerely,

The Mother of all Unibrows


  1. Uni brows unite! I say we throw off the shackles of oppression and revolt against society and their cruel, . . . yeah. I just ran out of steam. End of revolution.

  2. I hate not having tweezers so much that I have four stashed in different areas so I can always find one.

  3. Don't hate me for this, Rachel, but that picture resembled you in an Egyptian sort of way.... I think it's the expression.

  4. Definitely check your husband's stash. That's where I always find mine. The little thief!

  5. If you don't get them back tonight -

    umm - can I help? (chortle)

  6. After reading my response, I feel I must clarify and say that I usually find them in MY husband's stash...NOT your husband's stash.

    ...just in case there was ever any question.

  7. I am seriously laughing here in Casper. When we moved here, I couldn't find my makeup bag for weeks. I got a few replacement items and eventually gave in and got tweezers. My eyebrows were twice as thick as they were when we moved. Luckily, I found my bag and now I have two sets of tweezers.

  8. I am literally laughing out loud right now.

    What a great way to begin a very busy day. :)

  9. Very cute. Was that warning number 2 for the week?

  10. oh, so glad to know these intricate little details of you life. LOL if there is anything intricate about those brows....whew....where DID you find that pictures!?


  11. I'm like Chastina, I have them stashed here and there. Sometimes they are stashed so good that even I can't find them. Believe me you will know when that happens...can you say werewolf?

  12. Sarah, I about fell off my chair with your comment. Yeah. I'm with ya. Spewage from the mouth but that is about as far as I get to changing the things I complain about.

    Chastina, Note to self. Learn from Chastina.

    MIKE!!!!! :D

    Tami, I did! And he's not admitting anything..... he's going to be shaved bald next!

    Kristen, With shaving heads or plucking my brows? :D

    Tami, After reading my response to your comment I feel I must clarify that it is my husband's head that will be shaved and not yours. ;)

    Just in case there was ever any question...

    Lyndee, I may come all the way to Casper to steal one of your pairs!!

    Anaise, At least I still have my razor right? :D

    Jody, No. I got side tracked. As usual.... :D

    Misty, We just love the world wide web. Oops. Forgot to post the link didn't I?

    Natalie, Instead of going to Casper maybe I'll just walk down the street and steal one of your pairs. Just don't rip me to shreds. I'll do it when there isn't a full moon.

  13. That is one seriously important tool and those stinkers better keep their hands off! One of my tweezers recently got stolen to pick ticks off the dog and I'll tell you what, it didn't make me happy AT ALL!!

  14. Ginna, I broke down and bought a new pair knowing full well as soon as I did, the old pair would show up. They haven't. And now the fingernail clippers are missing....


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