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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mutt and Jeff

The video and photo speak for themselves...........


  1. i LOVE IT that you capture these moments rach. you.are.incredible!!!!

  2. Not only did you catch a picture of it, but a video. GENIOUS(sp?), not that I would ever expect less from you. LOVE! And, that is a whole lotta cupcakes.

  3. Awwww, now that is brotherly love. Sharing chocolate, what could be better?

    I love how Levi sits and wait so patiently...

  4. Heaven. I remember it.

    security word: racal - cross between rachel and rascal

  5. They are so good to clean up that mess for you. ;D

    I love the way they share, and Levi patiently waiting for his turn.

  6. What is also amazing is that I know you did not have to ask Jadon to share. He just instinctly and selflessly takes care of his big-little brother Levi.

  7. Oh my! You need to call whomever the maker of that frosting is and send the video right over! They would sure to use it for their next commercial. How adorable!

  8. That is the sweetest thing I've seen in a very long time!

  9. Misty, What is incredible is that I for once controlled myself and didn't snatch that out of their hands and keep it to myself!!

    Lyndee, Cake balls. Lots and lots of cake balls. I made them for my sister for her sons reception and no, I'm not nice that way...... I do this fully knowing that when it is my turn, because I helped her with all of her punks she'll HAVE to help me. ;)

    Emma, Even with chocolate smeared all over their faces!

    Natalie, Reminds me of a little boy sharing his ice cream cone with his dog. :D

    Kristen, A small piece of it.

    HA!!! Perfect!

    Chastina, No their not! Hogs I tell ya! I would have gladly cleaned up that mess had they given me a chance. ;)

    Brian, You know it! Those two are two gifts straight from heaven.

    Jody, :D This may be my big break!! We could make millions. YES!

    Hanna, Okay. I agree. Yes, they're cute. Even if they are stealing my chocolate....

    Tami, It really is. This is something we see often. Mr. J is so tender to his brother.


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