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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boots and Shoes

I have spent some time thinking and have thought very hard about something. I have come to the conclusion that I am a very rebellious person.

I do not like the way nature intended things to be. Or maybe, it is the fact that I live in a world where people go to the extremes to make themselves look like they have defied nature, and since I'm not one of those, nature takes it's ever evil course.

The other day I turned on the T.V. trying to find live coverage of the miraculous mining recovery effort in Chile. I flip through the channel and a news looking show comes on. "Good Morning America"? I think that is what it is. I'm sorry. I'm T.V. inept. I don't watch so sorry as I murder television. Anyway, these ladies are interviewing another group of ladies. This group of ladies looked like they were ready for a glam dance around a pole photo shoot. Apparently, they are on a show, something to the effect of Beverly Hills Wives or Desperate Housewives. I don't know! Some show like that. I sat there and looked at them and thought, "House wife??? Are you kidding me??? How in the world do you scrub a toilet in that get up?"

The ladies interviewing asked these "housewives" about looking so good and one quipped, "Oh any woman over the age of 20 in Beverly Hills has had something done. Some sort of surgery. I'm the oldest one on the show! I can't have crows feet sitting next to these ladies!"

And there you have it....

I have been going grey since high school. Hair dye. No problem. Having my hysterectomy has sped up the middle age process. Weight seems to be sticking to me like lint on black pants, deeper lines are appearing on my face, the body doesn't want to keep up with the spirit. I'm only 20 for crying out loud!

And yet, when I look in the mirror.... I hardly recognize myself. And it's not the new hair cut either..... which funny enough...... more people don't like than do. But I like it so that is what matters right?

So, I have decided that if I have to continue on the road that I am, getting older and all that comes with it...... If I have to be an old lady who lives in a shoe well then that is just fine. I'll be the old lady that lives in a shoe.

But it's going to be a TRASHY shoe thank you very much. A trashy high heeled boot so I can kick life in the bahootie and enjoy myself while I'm at it. I am NOT going down without a fight. Did I mention I'm rebellious?


  1. How can you say "new haircut" and not post pictures?? You're such a tease!

  2. Yeah = and that makes me only - 41???? I'm likin' this. As for not recognizing yourself? That happened to me about eight years ago - I looked in the mirror and thought, "WHA???" Because the wrinkles had finally started, and my eyebrows are gray, and I have no eyelashes, and it was SHOCKING. Now - and here's the sad part - when I bother to look in the mirror, which I hardly ever do? I do recognize myself.

    Please don't take this as submission - it's just, I got too much to do to worry about ugly.

  3. I have decided to replace all my mirrors with those ones from the fun houses. That way when I do look in a regular mirror I can only look better!!!

    I can't say much about improvement surgeries, but I do agree. I do have to say that one thing I liked about Jiu Jitsu is blowing the minds of all those "young things" 'cause I still can still kick it.

    We might be getting old, but no one said we have to roll over and take it. "Tinkling" here we come!!

  4. The heck with surgery, as long as we grow old "gracefully" that is all that matters. Right?

    I can't wait to see your "trashy high heeled shoe." :D

  5. Hanna and Emma, Yeah. Go ahead and laugh sista's! Your day is coming faster than you know it!

    Gerb, I'll post photos. Tomorrow perhaps? Maybe?

    Kristen, Sigh.... I hear ya.. I actually do.. I don't like to admit it but... I do.

    Virginia, Do you smell anything? :) Yeah. Me neither.

    Chastina, That's just it! There isn't anything graceful about me!!! Which is why I have to rely so heavily on cute/trashy/happin' shoes!


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