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Friday, March 11, 2011

The day before yesterday, yesterday, today? What day of the week is it anyway?

More river video. We got the biggest kick out of Mr. Puddle Duck and his lack of being able to get his tail feathers up in the air like his buddy. Watching the back end go up and the little orange feet just a going..... It gave us good entertainment.

Since the first day we got side tracked and didn't look for mammal tracks we set to work this time trying to find some. We found plenty. Plenty of our tracks that is. No such luck for mammal animal tracks although sometimes, I would wager The Native's can be considered very much animals.

We did find some tracks however and did take photos of them. Not mammals..... can you see it? You have to look really close and hard.

Here, I'll show you. Now do you know what it is? Yeah. Mr. and Mrs. Puddle Duck.

Told ya I can't draw.........

We also learned something surprising this morning that was a complete surprise to us. Remember all of the pine cones Mr. J found and put in a tin can? We put them on the hearth to dry since they were soaking wet.

See anything different? Mr. J noticed one had fallen off the hearth this morning and when we picked it up to put it back we noticed why.

They open up when they dry out! And here I thought they did this on the tree....... Who knew! Kind of fun learning new things.

And last but not least. This is what happens when the pavement gets in a fight with your baby. The pavement wins. Poor boy.

Earlier this week we learned about bunnies and drew bunny tracks in our nature notebooks. We'll be wrapping up our week by going outside in nature again and marveling at all of God's creations and how blessed we are to be surrounded by much beauty. Next week it's music appreciation week as we learn about Antonin Dvorak. A Czech Romantic Composer. Happy March weekend!


  1. You're awesome and I'm amazed at the time you manage to devote to your children and their understanding of the world. Sounds like learning with you is a lot of fun which is the very best way to learn a lot! Sorry to see your poor boy after his tussle with the pavement - hope he heals up quickly.

  2. That pavement is so mean! I don't know how many times it's attacked me or my kids.

    I didn't know that about pine cones either. Thanks for teaching me something today!

  3. He looks so much like Kirsten in that photo! Poor baby. His Auntie feels for him. She knows what it's like.

  4. I love learning along with my kids, too.

    And I so couldn't find the duck print until you pointed it out . . . a tracker I am not!

  5. I didn't know that about pine cones! But then, I think it also has something to do with the species of tree. I should have done research before i stuck these trees in my front yard - my pine cones fall when they are uninspiring, and over time and dryness STAY uninspiring. Also, my trees hurt if you touch them.

    But nothing like what happened to Mr. J. About which I am so sorry. Yow. Dustin whacked me in the chin the other day (thank you Sophie) and I have a tiny hurt, too. But again, nothing next to to the pavement hurt.

  6. Julie, Growing up, I hated school. I liked the social aspects of it, but the classroom time. Not so much. Today, I am amazed at how fun teachers are able to make things for the students. Nothing like when I was growing up. I can't help but think, my enthusiasm (or lack there of) might have been different if I were taught as kids are today. More hands on, not so many hours reading out of dry text books. Blah blah blah. Now, I've caught the learning bug and I probably drive The Native's nuts with my excitement. I do love teaching and learning with The Native's. There is so much to learn out there. Just wish I had more hours in a day to put it all in. :D

    Chastina, Blasted pavement. It gets us all at one time or another. I thought it was really cool with the pinecones. Learn something new most everyday!

    Sarah, He does doesn't he! I hadn't noticed it until you pointed it out. Yeah. You would know about the pavement. You and your long board made up yet? :D

    Anaise, LOL! Me neither excepting I watched the duck walk right there so saw it after it picked up it's foot! Other wise...... the ground is still too cold and hard to leave much of a track.

    Kristen, We made the same mistake. Planting the prickly kind of evergreens. I want to rip them out and re-do. I may just yet!

    Ouch! Dustin catching you in the jaw would hurt like the dickins! He could have broken your jaw. You're lucky lady!!

  7. Oh nelly can I identify with Mr. Puddle Duck! He seems a bit more able than me. AND OMGosh! Poor little man! He needs some yummy's from Auntie Jo to make it all better. Consider it done with the package that is coming!

  8. I loved seeing the video! It makes your nature study really come alive for those of us following along. :)

    I am really glad you pointed out the track because I couldn't see it in the photo.

    Thank you so much for sharing your link with the OHC. Hope your little guy heals really fast. :)

  9. Wow, Mr. J sure took one...I hope the pavement is okay.

  10. Jody, LOL! No kidding! There are days when I can hardly get my back side out of bed. Auntie Jo spoils us too much!!!

    Barb, Glad to share the video. It wasn't on flowers :) but it is where we are in our studies. We're having a great time and learning fun stuff and that is all that matters. The beauty of homeschool. :D

    Anony, Man! If you think Mr. J looks bad, you should see the pavement after Mr. J got done with it!!

  11. doctor K. after she biffed Doctor J started yelling at me when I was half across the nabouthood fixing a scooter with duct tape....


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