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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Laugh out loud

See this picture?  It was painted by Claude Monet.  Lovely painting isn't it?  Last week, Mr. C and I for school studied this painting and the life of Claude Monet.  At the end of the week, we tried to paint this painting in our art books.


This painting is impressionistic art.  I decided I am not a huge fan of impressionistic art.  It's not my favorite.  It's not my thing.  I made this decision after learning and studying it a bit.  I was able to make an educated opinion and for that I am grateful for.  Grateful for the time we were able to spend studying this painting.

NOT grateful for the time trying to paint it however.  I have no artistic skills what so ever.  I can't even draw a stick figure that is recognizable.  I'm not exaggerating.  The SM is the one with the art skills.  The Native's have learned to go to him if it involves drawing, painting, clay, etc.  They come to me when they need their noses or bums wiped...... 

So, Mr. C and I got out our paints and set down to work.  When I was finished and gasping for air because I'd been laughing so hard, I Skyped my baby sis and showed her the painting.  She asked me how come my teepee was on fire.  Through the laughter and tears I told her it wasn't a teepee, it was a WINDMILL and that wasn't smoke, it was CLOUDS!

It's okay.  You can laugh at my expense.  I am!  And no, I am not going to show you my painting......  I used it to wipe someones nose with........


  1. it wasn't as bad as mine, my feild flooded and my windmill disintgrated.

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  3. You know, I have found that it is the best, most worthy artists that are the hardest to copy. If it is easy to copy, it is worth less. Trying to do a painting like a great artist can make you feel small, but it can also make you see just how amazing the talent and effort of great artists are. That aside, you don't have to try to copy to enjoy paintings and artists.

  4. I wanted to see! You know snot may have improved it...given it that aged and cracked shelacked(?sp) quality. Go dig it out of the trash and show us!
    On second thought, nevermind, I've made enough of my own booger art around here lately.

    Now I have the hankerin' to go to an art museum.

  5. Oh com'on you party pooper! I wanna see the blazin teepee! At least you tried. I bet you big money it looked better than something I could do!

  6. Awwwww, I wanted to see the paintings!!!

  7. Show us, you little trouble maker. I wanna see. And here is the teacher coming out: it doesn't matter if your copy is "good." It's what you learn while you try to copy. You learn about the shape and rhythm of the colors. You get a sense of the balance. Every time you copy a painting, you increase your ability to read the space on the paper, to see intelligently. And you increase your ability to think analytically. So knock of the whining, why don'tcha and just get a little culture.

  8. I am very disappointed in you young lady! You should have seen me savoring this post. I just KNEW you'd post a picture of your painting so, I scrolled very slowly for the big reveal at the end. Then...

    nothing! You're such a tease.

  9. You ARE a big tease--I was totally waiting to see your versions!

    I think it is delightful that you guys are studying great painters and mimicking their art.

    You may not consider yourself to be artistic, but you are a creater, and that is what artists do--create.

  10. I don't seem to be able to paint or draw either but when it comes to wool, I don't know something happens....something good :-)

  11. :D Loved all of your comments! Honestly and truly, I would have posted my picture but I've no idea what happened to it! Then again, if you saw all of the papers that get thrown away each day from what The Native's bring home from school....... it would not surprise me one bit that the pictures got swept with those and thrown in the trash. So sorry...... and to think..... someday I could have become famous and rich off of it....... snort.


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