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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Tribute to The SM

The SM has been released from his calling in our church as Scout Master and has been asked to serve in another calling which he accepted.  It has been emotional for him as he has loved working with these boys, several of which are our own. 

Some of the Senior Patrol Leaders who have served under The SM, The SM, and our Bishop

He'd hoped to be The SM for a few more years while Mr. M is a Scout but is needed elsewhere serving in our church.   On Saturday we had a Scout Banquet.  At the banquet, The SM was thanked for his many years of service and given a tribute. 

With all of The Native's who are still in the scouting program and will yet someday start, The SM isn't off the hook.  He's still on the scout committee and heavily involved and will continue to be The Sexy Scout Master in our household as he continues to lead and guide our boys.  I can't think of a better man for our boys to emulate.


  1. Is that Spencer Tuini (sp??) If so, I taught him. He's brilliant, much like your SM!

  2. Nor can I. But take note that the ONLY person acting like a goon up there was Scarf Boy, who- may I also point out, is wearing a scarf WITH his uniform, which I am pretty sure is not regulation. Perhaps that is why they schlepped the SM over to a desk job? Whatever that man is asked to do, he'll do it very, very well. He just can't help himself. Bless him.

  3. Here's hoping the new calling is a joyful one for you and your family!

  4. May God continue to bless the SM in his works.

  5. Tami, Yes, that would be Spencer. You mean in the video right? In the photo it is his younger brother Sam. In the video Spencer is the over six foot tall young man in the black leather jacket. Love that family!!

    Kristen, Here's the deal. It's a secret so don't tell anyone. Scarf kid has to wear that scarf all of the time or his head will fall off. Tragic really.

    Anaise, :D Here's to hoping.

    Jody, Amen.

  6. Love it. SM has always been someone I look up to.
    Mr Bishop has this powerful voice that can really get through and touch every one, if that makes any sence...
    Enjoyed seeing my Dooda in this! =P
    You Native's keep lovin' that Dad of yours! ^___^

  7. Jess, Marry someone just like him someday and you will be spoiled rotten. :D

  8. I was teary through the tribute....I'm just sappy like that. But really thinking back over all of the time and energy he has spent in serving those boys and ultimately our Heavenly Father, who could not?

  9. Nat, It was an emotional evening on so many levels. Hard to let go.


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