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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Gift For You and A Gift For Me!

This week in our home school, Mr. C and I are studying the life and music of, Antonin Dvorak. He was a Czech Romantic Composer who lived between the years 1841-1904. I thought for your entertainment and as a gift to you, I would let you hear what some of the musicians in this household are composing and playing.

I present to you, Mr. Levi playing hot cross buns in E Minor:

And Mr. J playing Flight of the Bumble Bee in C Major:

And as a grand finale, I would like to present Mr. C who found this piece laying around and has been gracing our ears with this piece for a few days now. Can I just say, I love having Native's in my house who play the piano so well and just for the fun of it, sit down, and learn/teach themselves new pieces on top of the piano pieces they are already learning for their piano teacher!

Now for the gift to me part. Drum roll please. That which when I looked out the window and saw the postman get out of his truck and walk up to my front door I gave a squeal for.

All the way from South Africa!

Isn't this just delightful? As if just holding the package isn't enough! I opened it up and found this very happy wrapped package and then the cutest little bug on a clothespin and a note.

Had to do a couple of jigs around the island while opening this I was so excited.


Hand spun, hand dyed yarn from the lovely Linda from South Africa. Thank you Linda!! You made a very grey drizzly day turn most happy and sunny!

Now, what to make with this yummy goodness!


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  2. I love that piece Mr C! Some day I want to be like you!!!

  3. oh mr c!!! that was just what i needed. a little piece of heaven on this crazy day!!!

    thank you!

    wonderful wonderful music!

  4. wait. WAIT. I WANT THAT. I was LOOKING FOR THAT on etsy TODAY. Dang. Double dang. If you want me, I'll be sitting in the corner.

    As to the rest of it, Mr. J had me laughing out loud - beating on his cheeks like a mad man, but making sure he made the sound with his tongue.

    And scarf boy - talent. And desire too. Lucky duck.

  5. Sarah, That means you'll have to walk around with a scarf permanently around your neck never to be removed.....

    Misty, Can you believe? I get to listen to that every day. Well, that and Miss K banging out the Pink Panther....... there's a price. :D

    Kristen, :D Sorry. I moved FAST!!

    Mr. J was funny wasn't he. I knew you'd get a kick out of him slapping his cheeks away and clucking with his tongue.

  6. I absolutely yearn to make my hands coordinated enough to do fine things like you and Ms K, ESPECIALLY when I see such gorgeous yarn.

    The musical performances of your sons = completely delightful.


  7. Ginger, MY HANDS yearn to be coordinated enough to do the fine things Kristen does! She amazes me with what she is able to do with her hands. It just blows me away.

  8. The videos -- you live in a house full of talent! And the package you received; the stamps alone had me swooning. I just KNEW who it was from, and swooned yet again when the yarn was revealed. I can't wait to see what your own talent will create with it.

  9. I loved all of the music you shared today!

  10. WS-Wand, I live in a house full of monkeys! :D I can't wait to see what I create as well. Still deciding what I want to make!

    Anony, Thank you. I love the looks on the two boys faces as they are slapping themselves. :D

    Anaise, A VERY happy day!! I'm sitting here on the couch with my new yarn thinking of all sorts of things I can make with it.

  11. Haven't had a chance to check your blog until today. Hope it's OK to comment on the 18th! Anyway, I loved Mr. C's playing. Wow! Why won't he play Moonlight Sonata like that? Probably because: 1) It doesn't exactly have the same happy melody and mode, or, 2)He needs someone to swoon over the Moonlight like they do that piece (just a suggestion!). Not to mention that he needs to play the Moonlight as much as he's played that piece. But the secret is (and I haven't figured it out yet) that the desire just isn't generally there for the pieces that the piano teacher assigns---only the ones they discover on their own that speak to their souls, hearts, and minds. Go figure! But isn't that our goal?!!

  12. Mike, LOL! When you figure it out let me know okay? I just asked Mr. C what his favorite part of homeschooling is that I do with him, nature study, art, or music. He said music. :D And yet, we sit here and he looks like the sorriest bump on a log during the whole thing. You'd never know that was his favorite part. We studied Dvorak this week.... the pill!!

  13. Look. That poor child smacked his cheeks for his mother so much that he wore a whole in one of them.

    Sometimes I think Michael and Levi look like they could be brothers. Oh. Sorry. Look like the brothers they are.

    Will Mr C come play that pretty piece on my piano?

    I think that package looks pretty enough to frame.

  14. Kathy, They aren't brothers? ;)

    If you asked Mr. C, he'd play for you!

  15. What lovely piece being played by Mr. C!

  16. TG, He is a very talented boy. He puts in the hours... but he is also talented. Fun hearing him play everyday!


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