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Friday, March 4, 2011


Last week was the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet for our Cub Scout Pack. (I know... a whole lot of scouting and banquets going on. It's that time of year.)

The theme for the month of February was "Resourcefulness". The Cub Master showed the boys at the banquet some fun ways of using regular household items when we are done with them. We're being..... resourceful.....

Yesterday, it was raining and cold outside. The Native's and I were all snuggled at home, all nice and toasty and warm. Mr. J was in the kitchen bouncing off the walls when he found a tooth pick on the floor. If you saw my kitchen floor this would not surprise you.... Nuff said!

Mr. J picked up the tooth pick and looked at me with a grin on his face and asked me if we had an empty milk jug. He found one. On the kitchen floor. KIDDING! I think....

He filled it with water, bundled up, and told me to come and see!

What's a Mum to do? I grabbed my resourceful umbrella and camera and headed out into the cold to see what Mr. J was up to. Up he climbed into the cherry tree, took his tooth pick and jabbed it into the bottom of the jug.

Then he pulled out the tooth pick and said, "Look Mom! Laughing It's gowing potty"!

He put the tooth pick back in the milk jug and said, "I made it stop. I can make the milk jug go potty and stop going potty"!

He is so thrilled with himself.....

I'm not sure this is what the Cub Master had in mind, in fact, I know it isn't, when he was teaching about resourcefulness but I have a feeling he'll get a big kick seeing what Mr. J got out of his, "Using an old milk jug filled with water to wash hands while camping" demonstration.


  1. Isn't raising boys fun! I had no daughters, but I'm sure they're fun as well, though possibly a little different?!

  2. I like this lil dude. He thinks just right fine.

  3. Oh my goodness! HE'S SO CUTE!!

  4. heh heh, i'm gonna show my dad!!! (the cub master...) :)

    He says:
    "I can't believe that someone was actually listening."


  5. That's funny.

    And it is just the sort of thing my girls would do.

  6. Standard advice for any writer is: write what you know. And that's pretty much what kids do; they take a lesson and apply it to the life that concerns them. And from about age three, going potty is a pretty dang big deal. He wasn't wearing those footy pajamas at the time, was he?

  7. Man, what goes on at your house?

    Oh...never mind, I've been there.

  8. Lisa, I only have one but being a girl myself (tom girl) I would have done and thought the same thing. I can remember standing with a water hose in my yard watering flowers growing up laughing and telling my sister I was peeing on the flowers only we weren't allowed to say 'pee'. Mom would have been appalled that one of her girls would have even thought up such a thing so I know these sorts of things we did when we thought mom wasn't looking... :D

    Jody, Normal right? He's normal.... ish?

    Marseille, Yeah. Go ahead and laugh. I know you're laughing because you have a little guy that would do the same thing and get just as big a kick out of himself in the process.

    Emma, Most of the time!!

    Hanna, Always listening. Just applying it in a different way! :D

    Anaise, Body functions. Why are they so funny?

    Kristen, Well all of the boys in this house, potty humor is well on the brain. Even the older ones who went through potty training years ago!

    Anony, What goes on in this house....... stays in this house...... that goes for you too. No telling anyone how appalling we are!! ;)

  9. I love that he climbed into a tree to add further flair to being resourceful! THAT is an impressively long stream of potty. Kids are AWESOME.

  10. WS-Wand, Oh then you'd have really loved when he climbed to the top of the swing set fort and whizzed for reals for the whole neighborhood to see!!!


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