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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Hour Challenge

I'm late posting today. As you can see, we've been busy. We are taking the One Hour Challenge and spending an hour out in nature as part of our home schooling.

Originally, we were going to look for signs of spring, mammal tracks, insects, this sort of thing but we kind of got side tracked and as you can see in this video, the river is running high and fast right now.

I didn't dare take my eyes off Mr. J so I didn't take as many photos as I would normally have either.

We did however, gather several small rocks..

to make a flower. We found this old paper wasp on the river bank. It looked like the center of a flower.

We found a hole in the bottom of a tree....

so we had to make sure there weren't any scary critters in there.

We hugged trees.......

and climbed them.

We found a remnant of an old sunflower.... we cracked open some seeds and ate the meat and found out that we liked it.

We found an old rusty tin can........ perfect for filling with pine cones we found on the ground.

When it was time to go, we waved good bye to the ducks. The ducks stuck their bums up in the air and waved good bye to us.........


  1. I love that you apologize for being late to post today, 'cause I'm late 2 weeks late.
    Oh well, I'll get around to it one of these days.

    Sounds like an absolute spectacular day/hour.

  2. Looks like you had a great start to your Outdoor Hour Challenges. I love the things you found to be engaged with like the rocks, the nest, the sunflower, and the ducks. Just sounds like a really nice time outside together spending time and that is what it is all about.

    Look forward to seeing your next post...never late.

  3. Yeah. I didn't know there was a time deadline to post each day... week... month...

    A great challenge. I look forward to more reports on the one hour a day in nature. How cool to find an old sunflower that's still edible.

    Speaking of edible. I need chocolate. I know that was real random.

  4. Great pics. That must have been a huge sunflower!

  5. Thank heavens you have the GS wilderness to explore, huh?

  6. It looks like you guys had a really fun time...

  7. Hanna, It was! I know you can't wait to get to the river trail.

    Nat, I know. Silly isn't it? I post almost every day in the morning as if anyone notices or works their day around it. :) I know my Mom checks though and if I don't post right away she starts to worry.

    Barb, It was a fun afternoon. We stayed longer than an hour because the two Native's didn't want to leave. To me, that was a sign our outing was successful. Can't wait for more to come. We'd spent the morning reading and studying about rabbits and drawing and writing in our nature notebooks so some fun in the sun outside was next on the agenda.

    Kathy, It was cool to find that sun flower. I was surprised as well to find that the seeds were still good. Kinda fun. Send Michael. He'll have fun with this.

    Have him bring a nature notebook. A notebook just for nature stuff.

    Lisa, It was! There were two of them.

    Kristen, A huge blessing. Huge huge huge. We spent quite a bit of time there last year and with the weather warming up, we can come out of hibernation so to speak and play some more. The backyard we wish we had but with Levi, a good thing we don't.

    Anony, So much fun the two Native's didn't want to come home but I needed to because their siblings were due home from school.

  8. Oh wow - you have flowing water in your part of the world!! And no snow! Our water lies beneath the ice yet, and there was a mega-dump of snow over the weekend. All the better for skiing. But I'm starting to yearn for spring flowers. And *your* spring flower is WONDERFUL!

  9. Aren't those days just better than any other kind?

    We're looking to have some of those ASAP!

  10. WS-Wand, We have a river quite close by. Our 'adopted' grandparents back yard backs right up to the river. We get to go over and play in their yard when ever we want. It makes it so nice having it so close. In the spring it is always very dangerous though because it is so high and flowing so fast. Some years, it gets scary because of the worry of over flowing the banks. This is one of those years where people are a little worried. We'll see. Depends on how fast it warms up in the mountains melting all of the snow we've gotten this year. I too am ready for spring flowers. Maybe that is why I saw a flower when I saw the wasp nest. :D

    Anaise, I hope you are able to have some real soon. They just refresh us all and make homeschooling more enjoyable. For all of us!

  11. I loved the many adventures you had on your nature walk. The photo I loved the most was the one of your son hugging the tree. His smile is precious.

  12. There is nothing like being outdoors. It truly is food for the soul. It is so cool you can do this with your kids like this. It is better than any classroom. God Bless you~

  13. Phyllis, Welcome! So glad to have you not only stop by but comment. How fun. We did have a great time. We'll see what kind of trouble we get into today. :D The child hugging the tree is a very sweet and tender young man. You can see it in his dimples. ;)

    Jody, I am so blessed and lucky! To have this resource right so close... I just wish I could school all of The Native's this way!


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