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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kinda Kindle

Fine print:  All photos were taken from the Kindle website.  No one wants to see a photo of me reading in bed...... 

The SM's birthday is coming up in a few months and I've been brainstorming trying to think of a great gift for him. I was sitting in Sunday School one day and looked over at my former bishop. He was reading his scriptures on a Kindle. After class, I went over and talked to him about the Kindle and asked him all sorts of questions.

Looking at that thing, I was excited. I'd found the perfect gift for The SM. Traveling as much as he does, he reads a lot! During his daily commutes he listens to books on CD, he reads/listens to books on planes, and while in his hotel room in the evenings.

The difficult thing as you can imagine, especially with all of the limitations on weight and amount of luggage on a plane is books take up room! The SM also likes to take his scriptures with him but even finding the smallest ones we could find, they are bulky!

Wa-LA! The Kindle........

So, I sat down with my computer and started to see about getting one for The SM. First things first. I'm a girl. Accessories. You can't have a Kindle without a protective cover right? And get this! An even bigger selling point. The covers come with this little doohickey! Well, we have to get one of these because flying at night, The SM can use this little light to read and not bother his neighbor who probably has their head on The SM's broad shoulders and is drooling. Doesn't mean The SM has to be rude back though right?

Hmmm, what color..... He is a guy..... I should probably get him black..... but black is so boring! Lime green, orange, light blue........ RED! But The SM would choose black if he were to make this purchase and it is for him....... honestly truly, I have only The SM in mind. His best interest at heart. Heart. Hearts. Love. Hearts and love are red. I love The SM. I am buying the Kindle for The SM because I love him. I buy red.

Wait! Buy? I just bought The SM a Kindle and a lovely red cover? His birthday isn't for a few months.... I'm being prepared. I'll hide it under the bed or somewhere until his birthday.

A few days later. The box man (UPS) comes to the door and delivers A BOX! I have to open it just to make sure all contents are in order. Ooooh! How cool is this? Let's just plug it in and charge it and see what it does. I'll hurry and put it away before The SM gets home from work. I don't want to ruin the surprise and give away his gift!

Well would you look at that! You can download books for free! Let's just download a few and see what happens. Hmmm, I wonder what this book is about. I'll just read a few pages......

WHAT WAS THAT??? Crud! Car door! It's The SM! Hurry hide the Kindle. Act like nothing is happening.

Next day, I HAVE to find out what happens and finish that book! I'll be more stealth..... I'm good! I finish the book. The SM doesn't know..... about his gift.

A few weeks go by. The Kindle is hiding by my bed. I can't sleep. I wonder....... hmmm..... do I dare? If I pull the covers over my head.... do you think the night light is dim enough.... he won't notice? I'm brave. I sneak the Kindle under the covers, turn it on, and start to read. OH THIS IS SOOOO COOL!

Another week passes.... I'm getting cocky! I get busted! I explain to The SM that honestly truly! I bought the Kindle for him! Well, yeah the cover is red and that is one of my favorite colors and all but...... I was just trying it out to make sure it works before his birthday in..... MAY!

Do you think he'd notice if I got some card board, made a cover out of it, spray painted it red, put a book inside of it, and slipped that in his carry on bag?


  1. hahahah!!! :) My friend has a Kindle and she says it's really really awesome!!!

  2. When you showed me the red cover, I thought "Present for the SM? My bahootie it is!" It had "RACHEL" written all over it. Let it be noted that I purchased the black cover for the one Richard and I (are supposed to) share instead of the pink one I wanted. But after reading this I'm thinking I could've gotten away with pink- afterall, hearts are pink and hearts stand for love, right?

  3. Giggling out loud! It would have been downright wrong to NOT thoroughly test it all out first.

    Reminds me of all the little treasures I pick up in my travels, ostensibly "as gifts". I dutifully pack them away until the right gift giving moment. Then, after a year or so, I decide that I love the item so much that I might as well keep it for myself. Then I find and purchase another "gift", and pack it away. And so goes the cycle.

  4. Hanna, It is to an extent. It is an electronic there for I can't figure out how to work the dang thing most of the time.

    Natalie, Absolutely! And you know, "Man enough to wear pink" is all over the place. Richard can show his manliness by walking around with a pink cover. Because he is man enough to show how much he loves you. ;)

    P.S. More like pathetic..... truly I did buy it for him..... I just think I'm going to have a hard time giving it up beings as sharing doesn't seem to be in my best interest either..... More like, I'm hogging it!!!

    WS-Wand, See? That is exactly what I think. How would it be opening a gift on one's birthday only to have it turn out to be a dud! It was the wifely thing to do and now, I'm making sure the warranty works. Sigh.... the sacrifices I make..... :D

    I totally hear you on the gift thing. I bought some Christmas gifts last year for this year that I am going to be hard pressed to give to who I'd intended them for. :D Hee! We'll see..... Let's not hold our breath....

  5. Hmmmm. Rachel's birthday is a few months away. What should I get her? Maybe, just maybe I'll get her a Kindle! I think she'd want a black cover.

  6. Brian, You know sweetie, that is a great idea! In fact, why don't you go ahead and keep it since I've put so much wear and tear on yours...... as my gift to you. :D

  7. These things are so cool. Unfortunately I would never use one. I would dream of using one, but would not make the time to read as I should. But if I could figure out how to get my sheet music on it and it be readable, now I might be interested! Happy Birthday Brian!

  8. Jody, I swore I'd never buy one..... being the voracious reader that I am, I love being surrounded by books on shelves. They are my friends.... I honestly bought this for The SM and kinda got.... hooked. I will say, I do have my drothers with it. Several complaints. It's not so simple to use. For example. On Amazon there were a bunch of free books so I downloaded a bunch. Started reading one and soon realized it was not a book I wanted to read or have anyone read for that matter. I have tried numerous times to delete it off of my kindle and can't seem to. When I try to delete, it goes into the archives. I DON'T WANT IT ARCHIVED! I want it gone. FOREVER! Such crap should never be printed..... and now I'm stuck with it on my kindle.... Things like that. I get frustrated with it but obviously, not that frustrated as I keep using it instead of putting it back in it's box for The SM.... :D

  9. Would that be the same Kindle you carried with you to the physical therapy office? Are you testing its portability?

  10. Kathy, All aspects must be tested don't you think to make sure it is a solid product? :D

  11. You are the little gal with her hand in the cookie jar.

    Ms. K thinks your place in Heaven is reserved, but there's a wee bit of a naughtiness yet to be tamed!

    I love the way you fessed up.

  12. I just noticed Brian's comment and laughed heartily!

  13. Ginger, (Looking at you sheepishly) Who me??? :D

  14. I so would have done that, down to the color red and everything. That's one thing I haven't splurged on either, because mostly I buy my books at places like Savers or swap them online and they only cost me $2-3.

  15. Clarice, I should!!!! I have spent so much money on books it is ridiculous!! I will say this, when it comes to the Kindle, one of it's draw backs is that if you really really like a book, you want to purchase it so that your kids, spouse, etc. can read it. Having it on your Kindle..... doesn't work so well. You end up buying a Kindle copy AND a hard copy.

    If I had to do it all over again.... knowing what I know.... I'd say don't do it. But, I'm a book aholic and roll that way.

    On the other hand, having my The SM tell me this morning that he had no idea I couldn't sleep so read in the middle of the night with the little Kindle light.... positive check.... duh... go buy a head lamp. LOL! :D


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