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Friday, March 25, 2011

Down and Dirty, I Mean Derby Time!

The Pinewood Derby.  Need I say more?

When this movie came out and I watched it for the first time, I was horrified.  Oh my gosh!  I was the dad's in this movie!

Remember this post???

Every year I come home and wish upon every star in the blasted sky that I could be one of those demure mom's who sit quietly on the sidelines and watch the evening unfold.  Oh no!  I've gotta be the loud obnoxious soccer mom running up and down the side lines yelling for her kid and when it gets really nail biter I just go in, shove all of the kids out of the way, and kick the goal for him!

Every year I swear I am NOT going to make a fool of myself.....  Yeah right!  Me not make a fool of myself......  I've a few more Pinewood Derby's to work on it left.  Sigh.......

Levi made a pirate car this year. Guess what? He won first place! Rock on Levi!

Next year, I'm staying home. That may be my only way of not making a fool of myself.... but then.... knowing me....... I'd still manage!   Life is unfair.  How is it that The SM is the one who sits all nice and calm and watches and says it's all about the boys having fun and I'm the one freaking out with the other dads........? 


  1. Yeah, I can hardly understand how a thing like that could happen. Could it have anything to do with your RESPECTIVE NATURES???? When have you EVER sat still?

  2. Congrats to Levi!
    It's about time the Rubows shared in the glory.

  3. You simply would not be OUR Rachel if you sat demurely on the sidelines. And we wouldn't have you any other way.

    Hurray for Levi and 1st Place! Rock on indeed!

  4. I'll bet Levi loves to hear you cheer for him!

    Hooray for Levi!!!

  5. Awesome job Levi! Great Win! Yeah for you Rachel. You are RIGHT where you need to be. Managing the sidelines!

  6. Here's to Levi taking the glory...

  7. Hurray for Levi! His car looks amazing.

  8. Hey! I just saw your shoes on a commercial. The pink ones you have as your picture on your blog! I don't remember who's commercial it was cause all I kept thinking was....I know those feet from somewhere! Ha! Foot modeling now?

  9. Jody, HA! My 'other' job. :D

  10. Okay, you cracked me up with this post, and with the linked post. In addition to not being remotely competitive, you clearly understand that the first goal is to have fun! (Maybe that's just a Canadian hockey thing to say.)


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