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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Guess who is nine years old today?  Yup!  Levi!  Nine blessed years that we do not take for granted.  Nine blessed years that each and every day we are grateful for.

We won't be celebrating until Friday but, in the meantime......

I will be getting some of these and taking them to his class at school later today.........

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And for sure I'll be getting him some of these......

And with those two very simple things he will be thrilled and think it is the best birthday ever!  Just another reason in a million that we love Levi so much and are so grateful he is in our family.

Happy Birthday Levi!!!


  1. Pretty amazing. Pretty soberly amazing. A happy birthing day to you a while back. And love in the future. I'm freezing.

  2. Happy Birthday Levi! And thanks to you and the SM for sharing your boy with me. My life is truly blessed to be Levi's Scout leader and friend.

  3. Happy Birthday, Levi!!!!!!

    I have a nine year old girl--and I'll have another one this summer.

    Nine is good.

    (But you already know that!)

  4. Rachel, I know we've communicated via email in the past, but I've lost your email address! How?

    I've wanted to contact you to thank you for so many of your recent comments on my blog.

    Perhaps you could email me at scanrob at yahoo dot com so I can thank you properly!

  5. Oh Joy! Happy Birthday to an angel from God! I am going to play this Sunday in honor of Levi! God Bless you little man. I know you have touched my heart and enriched my life just with your stories.

  6. Nine already! I keep remembering having him in my nursery class. I love how excited he gets over the simple things. Happy Birthday, Levi!

  7. i love that picture of him! happy birthday levi!

  8. Happy Birthday, Levi.

    Happy Birthing Day, Rachel...

  9. Happy (belated) Birthday, Levi!!

  10. Here I am, late again. Nine! Happy belated birthday!

    Wishing Levi his birthday wishes...

  11. A special belated birthday wish to Levi... I'm sure it was a wonderful day.

  12. A special belated birthday wish to Levi... I'm sure it was a wonderful day.


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