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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hmmmmm......... HELP!

I'm thinking...... I want to get me one of these.  Not the grandma.  I already have several of those.  The spinning wheel.   I was going to put up a photo of a regular old spinning wheel but this old photo just delighted me.  I think I would like to know this Irish lass.  She speaks of warm home made bread,  stories in front of a cozy fire after a long day of hard work.  I like her.  I don't know why, but I like her. 

Anyway, the spinning wheel.  I think I would like to learn to spin.  My mother had a spinning wheel that she used for awhile.  My oldest sister inherited it.  I wrote and asked her if I could borrow it and see how I take to spinning and if I liked it...... would like to get me a wheel. 

So, the big question.  Do you know how many spinning wheels are out there?????  Oh my heavens!  Where does one start and which does one choose?

I have absolutely no idea.........  Anyone out there have any ideas?  Point me in the right direction?  Opinions?







  1. There's a good yarn store in Salt Lake that has a bunch of different ones you can try out. It's on State street around 70th S (I think). I tried spinning...briefly. I found a wheel on KSL; it was so cool. I didn't last long at it, and then I re-sold it on KSL! I think it's one of those things that would be easier to learn by watching/doing rather than reading instructions out of a book!!

  2. Rach, there was a BUNCH of spinning info at the last Renaissance faire I went to--I'll keep my eyes open at the next one and see what I can find! <3

  3. All I know is...if you prick your finger on the needle, DON'T go to sleep!

  4. I don't know Rachel, that grandma looks like the type that would give you a good smack if you messed up her yarn. Today she'd probably pull out a gun and cap you for walking on her grass. . .

  5. I wanna get me a spinning wheel too! I think I'd love it. So meditative. And a self-sufficient sort of way. Not that I'm at all self-sufficient, though it is fun to entertain ideas about it. So, I'm no help to you here with your questions. But I will follow your journey with great interest.

  6. Spinning? You mean like classes you take at the gym? You going to start that too?!? JK.
    I'm not any help in that dept. I thought they died out ages ago...

    And the Grandma? I think she looks like lots of chores and a good lickin' with the switch if you didn't do them to her liking. Isn't perspective fun? One sees one thing, another sees another.

  7. Where did you get that picture of me?????

    And WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO GET THE FLEECE TO SPIN???? HUH???? Sure you can get a whieel - you know there's a guild around here and they show up at Pioneer Day stuff at the stake sometimes, so it's around here somewhere. Nannette Lamb probably knows. BUT WE DON"T KNOW ABOUT FLEECE. This is NOT Australia or South Africa or Wales ya know.

    Look on KSL ads.

  8. That picture! What a delightful image. I just love photos like this. The picture itself made my day. As far as the spinning wheel? Look in the basement next to the washboard. LOL

  9. LOL not at you and the wheel that is a great idea, I am still learning. I don't like my wheel it is tempremental....sometimes good sometimes bad! I am in stitches over K's comment!!! Ya Know ;-)

  10. Korrie, That is why I am going to try my Mom's for awhile. I'm afraid of buying a wheel and then deciding I'd rather go to the store and buy the yarn already done up for me or on the web with all of the wonderful talent out there. I do want to try though..... we'll see.

    Chazi, Thank you!!! When is it? I'd actually love to come with. The photos of you and your mom last year made me JEALOUS! I wanted to be there with you!!

    Tami, If I do, will you make sure The SM makes it through all the thorns, briars, and thistles, so he can kiss me awake? ;)

    Sarah, You maybe. I was always the perfect child. :P

    WS-Wand, I feel the same way!! I love to feel self sufficient and as you say, not that I am.... but I like to think I am sort of. And the idea of the quiet meditative aspect.... knowing me though, it'll probably NOT be meditative because I'll be too busy cussing and yelling at the darn thing and end up chopping it up and using it for fire wood. I felt that a number of times about my knitting needles...... They'd make awfully good kindling.......

    Natalie, It's her boots isn't it? They'd be good for a swift kick in the bahootie. She looks like she has a funny sense of humor to me! I can remember my own grandma giving that same exasperated look when we'd try to take her picture.

    Spinning class at the gym..... Is that where the strink bikini was invented? :D

    Kristen, (Howling with laughter) You make me laugh!!! I'm HOPING to be able to get some fleece from the alpaca farm down south of us!!!!!!! Hoping.... being the operative word here..... and yes. Love KSL ads. When it is time and I know what I want IF I stick with this.....

    Jody, Howling again with laughter!!! at your comment about looking down in the basement next to the washboard. You meant down in the root cellar right? :D

    Jenni, See! That's what I'm worried about. Linda makes it look so easy and peaceful and serene and I just know me! I'm going to be yelling and fighting the darned thing the whole entire time! And then KRISTEN will come along and with her hands that can DO ANYTHING she'll tell me I'm a dope and all I have to do is THIS and she'll make it look so easy like scooping soft icecream into my mouth only when I do it it's not icecream it's CEMENT! Just you wait........ I'll blog it to prove it!!!

  11. but what if miss k pricks her finger on it?? she was a princess recently...

  12. Marseille, LOL! Then she is going to be waiting a very VERY long time for prince charming to come along and wake her with a kiss. I'll see to that!! :D

  13. I think I'd rather spin at the gym. And that has never really looked appealing to me.

  14. Kathy, If I can buy a cute outfit to wear while spinning I might try spinning at the gym. :)

  15. Hey, Rachel. I know two very experienced spinners. One was an organizer of a spinning group in this county. You could get all the help you needed.

    Please call me and I'll hook you up!

    Love, Ginger


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