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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I took some video of our family eating dinner the other night. To prove a point. I hope you don't mind me sharing it with you.   (Warning:  There is some language.  We're workin' on that....)

After much thought and deliberation I thought my future daughter in laws might appreciate it if I taught my boys some manners. Elbows off the table, don't talk with your mouth full of food, don't reach across others, ask for things to be passed, speaking of passed..... no passing of gas at the table in either form of burp or the other end...... that sort of thing.

My first idea was one my own mother used on us. If our elbows were on the table, they were fair game to a bit of fork stabbing. Mom raising her fork in our direction was all it took. We quickly decided that one might not be such a good idea beings as Levi copies and acts out everything he sees and we can't have him going around stabbing every body's elbows now can we?

After some quick thinking, I came up with the ten cents rule. I catch you breaking any of the above rules and you owe me ten cents. The first couple of dinners I got rich fast! And lost some....... The Native's were quick to try and catch The SM and me at our own game.

Giggling At one point, The SM slammed his fists down on the table and said, "I hate this new rule". Just so ya know...... he's doing better at keeping his elbows off the table.

Levi hasn't quite figured things out. He loves to shout out, TEN CENTS with his mouth full and then he'll put his elbows on the table and yells, TEN CENTS! Then he falls into a fit of giggling. 

At the Scout Banquet on Saturday he had us all blushing as he would look at others at our table and yell, TEN CENTS at them if he saw them talking with their mouths full.

Last night we were watching, "The Biggest Loser" and at one point, one of the trainers ate something and then started talking with her mouth full. Levi sitting next to me yelled, TEN CENTS!

Why is it everything I try to do, Levi comes in, undoes it, and turns it upside down leaving me in a fit of laughter in his wake.  I swear that punk can get away with anything!

" Pearly dear, after you get done chasin that lice in your hair around, how 'bout gettin' up and gettin' us another bottle..."  


  1. What a great idea! I love that Levi thinks it's a game.

  2. Scarf Kid... I bet you are! ^__^

    Haha, that Levi!
    When I went over to your house the other day, me and him shared a ten minuet conversation about what and where that big blue bouncy of his came from. He made me laugh so hard! =D
    But then I had to give it back XD haha.

  3. My dang word - what a class act youse all is. My mama tried to teach us the same dang things - but it didn't work. If'n you can't prop your elbow up on the table, how the heck you gonna hold that book while you eatin'??

    Oh - one of our rules was: no singing at the table. Really. It was. I'm trying to think why she did that -

  4. I'm loving the picture in my head of Levi yelling at people out in public--I imagine it makes for very interesting conversations!

  5. Well well. I knew you and your family has some class but I had no idea. I have varmints JUST like that at my dinner table. I loved when she put the mystery meat on the table and all hands were "on deck"....just like that here too. You sure do look purdy in your red dress Pearl. You keep up instillin" your manners on yer family. I know you'll have a breakthrough. Hee Hee

  6. Chastina, It is funny at home but in public to strangers......not so much!

    Scarf Kid, Not for long. I'm getting better!!

    Jess, He is funny to talk to. Anytime I'm down, I just need to be with Levi for a minute and he instantly makes me smile and laugh.

    Kristen, Because if your singing was anything like the caterwalling that goes on at my table...... it gets to be a bit much somtimes.

    Anaise, Embarrassing more like. :D

    Jody, Isn't that just the funniest clip? I love those movies. I'm low class. I know. Gosh dang they are funny! What'd'ya think of my lovely blond locks? ;)

  7. Oh how I used to have a crush on ol' Terrance Hill and his beautiful blue eyes! Thanks for the little round of time travel.

    Our table looks a little more like the dinner scene in 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' when Millie meets all of the brothers and found what she married into. CR-AAZY!

    I like the ten cents idea and I am really glad we sat across the room from you at the Scout Banquet. ;)

  8. Nat, Did we all. Those blue, can I swim in them, eyes of his.

    The scene in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers works here too. Pick any disgusting food scene and it will probably work.

    Yeah. Both Brian and I owed 20 cents after the banquet....

  9. Why I just loved the long blond locks, right before you mentioned the lice running around loose in it.

  10. Fork stabbing! Gave me a laugh. I can just see a table full of kids avoiding that fork! It would have sure worked in my house growing up. But I can see why it wouldn't work now----

  11. Jody, Snacks for later....... ;)

    Lisa, It was the most irritating thing!!! And my Mom had reach! No one was safe.

  12. I'd have gone for quarters...

  13. Anony, I'd be broke...... I had to go with something I could afford!


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