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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Yesterday Kristen in her comments on my post said that the butterfly on my lens wasn't from around this area.  Well, I beg to differ.  Why else did it show up so many times?

Why is this bull rider doing a hand stand in the back...........?  Is the bull on him and he's trying to get it off his back?

Oh look!!!  A blue one!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen!  I think I've figured it out!  It wasn't until I looked at this series of photos!!!  Here all this time I thought the butterfly was on my camera!!  It's not!  It's very clear it is on the bulls..... well.  (Blushing)  Never mind.   I wondered what made them buck and throw themselves in the air like they do........  Mystery solved!


  1. You missed the point. Those BUTTERFLIES are the ones blushing, and trying to keep the Bulls from blushing. Someone should put a costume on them to keep them modest!

  2. See, I was right? They are modesty butterflies! A little privacy please!
    And if I was doing a headstand and holding onto a bucking bull...I think I would stop doing one of those things immediately!

  3. Hmmm. Not sure why I put a question mark in there.

  4. Yeah the butterflies definitely call attention to the area you are trying to cover up. Otherwise you would just be looking at the cowboys. Remember snickering at the neighbors bull growing up?

  5. Kristen, No, I didn't miss the point! Those butterflies are dead center!

    Donna, My oldest thought he wanted to try this. I told him I'd save him the trouble and just crack him over the head with a baseball bat and drop a 1,000 pound weight on his arms and legs.

    Sarah, I never!!!!!! ;)

    Jenni, This isn't funny! I posted this post in all seriousness! Why do you ladies not take me seriously?????

  6. Trying to type through my laughter. They look like IMMODESTY butterflies to me.

  7. Wabi, You would never see a girl cow behave in this manner........ ! Sniff!

  8. Too Funny! I need some of them there butterflies to censor some Vegas pictures. Where does one get some of those? Just sayin'. Um, a friend asked me to ask you. Yeah, a friend.

  9. Jody, You tell that er, umm, friend that butterflies like that can be found on! :D


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