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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Knit Socks. It's A Mystery To Me.

When I first learned to knit, I went to a shop here in town.  I was taken in under wing by the kindest most patient ladies.  They painstakingly showed  and taught me how to make a dish rag.  I chose a yarn that was quite colorful which is a good thing.  It hides all of the mistakes better.

I returned to the shop several times and after making two pathetic dishrags, told the ladies I wanted to try something else. They told me that I should knit a pair of socks!!!  Immediately I had visions of elementary school.  Knee high knit socks and tights and brown leather shoes with big ol' rubber soles.  Shudder.

Knit socks?  Are you kidding me?  Who in their right mind would take all of that time to knit a pair of socks when I could go to the 'Marts and buy a whole slew of socks for pennies compared.

The owner of the shop hearing our conversation smiled as he walked by and told me that once I'd worn hand knit socks......... I wouldn't want to wear anything else.  Yeaaaaah riiiiiiiight.  What ev!

Several months later one of the dears in the shop, we'll call her Elizabeth, begged me to sign up for her class.  I asked her what class she was teaching and she told me it was a beginner class on making socks.  What?  Socks?  NO WAY!

I signed up.

I made a hideous pink sock.  One sock.  Not even a pair.  

A few months later my son, Mr. C bought me some really funky sock yarn for Christmas.  Not wanting to disappoint, I knit a pair of socks.

And then I knit another pair.

And then I knit another pair.

And  another pair......... and another.........

A month ago my friend Jenni from Australia tempted me with what is called a mystery sock.  Every week for a month you get part of a pattern for a pair of knit socks.  You've no idea what the socks will look like in the end. The first week we got the first few rows, the next week a few more rows, and so on.

When I looked at my first set of instructions I thought there had been a big mistake.  These are socks for crying out loud!  Who puts cables and bobbles and doo dads in a pair of socks? A sweater yeah!  Socks? This is nuts!  NO WAY!

I signed up.

Don't tell the local shop owner.  He doesn't know I've been knitting socks.  I like to remind him from time to time that anyone who would take the time to knit a pair of socks is crackers in the head.


  1. They are looking nice. They remind me of a Lily of the Valley in bloom.

  2. I'm with Brian. Or fruit trees, but more like what he said. I do have to point out that I have more integrity than you do. When I tell Ted I will never, over my dead body, knit sox - I MEAN it. I just finished a fox and a sheep and a couple of camels. But no socks. I couldn't wear them. Eddie Bauer socks - I go through the heels of those in a couple of months, and even when I buy them on sale they no longer seem worth the cost. But to wear out something it would bend my mind with boredom to knit? Nu-uh. Not doin' it. Yours look so cool, though 0

  3. You know my birthday is in March, right? ;)

    All of your posts about awesome stuff you create always leave me impressed and wishing I had the knack to make cool stuff I could brag about, too.

    I mean, besides my kids...

  4. I agree, who wants to knit socks, no one will see them unless, stop, turn it into a scarf before you go any further or a hat. But if you continue, you look like you are doing an awesome job.

  5. Those are beautiful! Kind of reminds me of the grape hyacinths in spring...

  6. Well, I am going to my first knitting lesson tonight and attempting a little gnome hat sort of thing. Can't even imagine when I might be able to knit socks or animals. But when I see things like that I am equal parts challenged and terrified.

  7. I still *want* to knit socks. Of course, I haven't knitted anything in almost a year--but I fear if I start again, I won't be able to stop!

  8. Pretty! I bet they are sooooo warm too! Best socks in the world!

  9. You always get me giggling. Crackers fo' sure! But, not really, because LOOK at those socks! They are fabulous. And totally, wondefully surprising with the cables and bobbles.

    I haven't yet knit socks. I must do so while Littlest's feet are still little.

  10. Those are beautiful--socks that ought to be worn so they can be seen!

  11. Brian, Thank you! What ever they are... I'm pleased with how they are turning out.

    Kristen, My mother says there isn't anything more permanent than temporary and never say never because...... oh shoot! What is the saying??? Well, something to the effect that never say never because next thing you know you'll be doing what you never said you'd do or say! I think Ted gets a kick out of our bantering.

    Gerb, :) I am very aware that your birthday is in March! I was thinking about a certain shirt that is way to tight with a Gum ninja on it. I was thinking it would be awesome to wrap it up and put it in your mailbox as a surprise! You totally wouldn't know who it was from!! ;)

    As for the bragging rights.... the creativity you've got going on at your house with your kids floors me. Why do you think the rest of us keep coming to you for suggestions and advice? :D

    Nancy, Too late. I've turned the heel. Dang! :) I mine as well admit it now..... I'm crackers!

    Nat, Thank you! Hyacinths are my favorite spring flower!

    Donna, Oh you'll have to post and tell us how your class went. Here's a secret. If you can knit a hat, which you will, you can knit socks! Seeing what comes from your creative fingers.... I've no doubt you'll do smashing good on knitting.

    Korrie, You haven't?? You've knit other amazing things, socks will be nothing to you! Child's play! There is that whole stop thing...... I get that! :D

    Jody, They are warm. I was shocked at how comfy they are. Must be why I keep making them!

    Wabi, Do hurry! Tiny socks for Littlest will be much faster than big ol' honkin' adult socks.

    If it hadn't been a 'mystery', I don't know that I'd have in a million years knit a pair of socks with cables and goop on them. Then again... who would knit an entire sweater for her little one out of fingering weight sock yarn? Only someone who was crackers would do that!!! :D

    Anaise, Exactly. Ya gotta wear em. Wear em with some funky skirt so they can be seen. :) Thank you.


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