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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We have waited many months for the tiniest smidgen or hint of snow for this season.  None!

Finally, Saturday night it began to snow.  The first real snow of the season.  An amount of snow that required shoveling.  At ten o'clock at night the snow started to taper off.  (Warning:  This is the part where I get all oober goober goopy over my boys).

The garage opens and  out walk my three oldest Native's with shovels in hand along with my adopted son from up the street.  They spent the next two hours shoveling driveway after driveway after driveway and sidewalks in between.  All the houses where there weren't youngin's to help shovel, all the houses that housed elderly, and a few others in between just because.......

A few years ago we awoke Christmas morning to major snow.  It was awesome!!  The Native's came downstairs and looked at the tree and then outside and saw the snow.  The older Native's started talking among themselves and next thing I knew, they were throwing on snow pants, coats, and boots over their jammies.  There were elderly neighbors who might want to either go and visit family or have family visit.  They wanted to make sure the driveways were clear for these folks.  Off they went along with The SM and it was once again, several hours before they returned to the younger Native's and myself waiting for them.  Grins on their faces bantering back and forth with each other and ready to enjoy the afternoon opening their gifts.

When I started this post I hadn't meant to go in this direction.  I was going to tell you all how I'm a lame mom because I haven't made The Native's do their chores and we've been a bit naughty about homework because it finally snowed and I have been letting The Native's play in the snow the second they get home from school until it is dark and time for dinner.

They gobble up their dinner, put on their headlamps, and head back out into the snow.

Here's my justification.  If these younger Native's turn out to be anything like the older Native's, I suppose a few missed days of chores and skimping on homework won't hurt them too badly.

Someone please say yes and comment in the affirmative and back me up on my lousy parenting so I can continue to justify myself.

And while you're at it, will you please also give me an excuse for my behavior of sitting in my lazy chair eating handful after handful of chocolate chips while The Native's sluff their chores and homework.


  1. Oh for goodness sake, that's NOT lousy parenting; it's GOOD, SOLID, LOVING parenting. It's exactly the kind of parenting that raises the incredible, good, solid, loving children that you have.

    Chocolate chips give you superpowers. Super chocolate chip eating powers. I am sure of it.

  2. I'm with Wabi - except for the chips part. Unless having a lead bottom can be considered a super power?

  3. OK Rachel. I'm here. I'm reading. I'm envying your wonderful photos. And hey....that's my spinning wheel.

  4. I'm with you 100% on letting those kids play! You're a fabulous mom!

  5. The bad moms are the ones who force their kids to do their chores and homework instead of letting them enjoy the snow... they are called "jerk moms". ;)

  6. Wow. It must be because I'm pregnant and have had two lousy days because I teared up as I pictured ur boys shoveling snow for the neighbors. I hope my boys can be like that. And on Christmas morning! Sniffle. Do pregnant women count because my two cents is tyler is gone all day and I really shouldn't be shoveling. Thus our driveway iced over because it melted and froze. I stayed in until it was safe...don't want to slip and fall with this baby in me! Or see my 2 year old fall. What a small great service they are doing! One of the many reasons i wish we were in Utah.

  7. Ps. I'm PA they won't deliver ur mail if u walk way is not clear. For their safety. We have gone many days without mail. I don't know if Utah is like that but if it is, I'm sure the elderly really appreciate it! I've had boys from the neighborhood ask if I wanted them to but for a charge. I offered hot chocolate and cookies but they no :(.

  8. Wabi, Phew! Coming from you, super mom I feel much better and will now sit here and feel completely at ease with our sluffing and refuse any feelings of remorse or denial while I munch and gain super powers.

    Kristen, If my bottom were lead it would be easier to block....

    Sherri, What spinning wheel? I don't see any spinning wheel! You're imagining things.

    Sherri, Awwww! I love you too. A lot! Hey! Wait a sec! I know what you're doing!! You can't have the spinning wheel back yet! I mean..... what spinning wheel? Don't pull me into your imagination!

    Anaise, Ummm. Not so fabulous. The school called today and asked me to come and get Levi. He's throwing up. I told them no. If he's puking I don't want him. They can keep him. I'll take him back when he feels better. :D

    Gerb, I know one or two or three of those. ;)

    Alex, LOL! You are sooooo pregnant! You know if we could we'd be over chipping your ice and clearing your walkway for you asap!! You bet you'd qualify. Our boys did houses where there were young children at home not old enough to shovel their own walks. Our mail still gets delivered. As long as the mailbox isn't blocked. I'd say the boys in your area were dorks. Hot chocolate and cookies and they still didn't! Proof right there that video games suck out your brains........

  9. Parenting? You got that nailed! If your kids help others of their own volition, you have done more than one something right!
    Now, the chocolate chips...keep that up and your butt will need to be blocked and those blocking pins look like they would hurt!

  10. It's about time we had snow, right? Russel and my dad and I went out for a while to shovel too. It's part of the fun of having snow! Handful after handful of chocolate chips just makes it better. :D

  11. Donna, Good point. I never did like needles... of any size!

    Hanna, About time is right!! Just don't eat any chocolate chips you find in the snow.... it's not chocolate...... ;)

  12. But hey - you can't give Wabi "SUPER MOM" on this - she cheats - she's just telling you all this because that's what she does, sending those kids out on the ice in the back yard - so SHE CAN EAT CHOCOLATE. I call foul!! PENALTY BOX.

  13. Kristen, Objection over ruled! You have no proof that she cheats.

  14. I'm glad my native has "brothers" to shovel with like his older brothers used to do.

  15. Kathy, Me too! Remember our bargain now. When my last one is home alone, he gets to pair up with your grandkids!!


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