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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Mr. J wants to learn to play the piano like his siblings. Henny Penny decided to help him.

The End!


  1. He looks so intent. And if he has the desire, he'll do well, just like the others have done. The last one. The last piano player. I was glad to see the last one of something - the last young women's night of excellence, the last bad concert. Not that I didn't enjoy those things; but after a while, it was nice to know I didn't have to start over again. I hope that face is serious. Then we'll have many years more music coming out of that house. Good for Henny.

  2. Very sweet. I love it! When he played for me yesterday, I had never seen such joy in a little face. All the sibs were equally thrilled! And get a load of that piano lamp! We can see now!!!!

  3. Wow. Isn't he just in 1st grade? All that concentration and willingness to get help. But, I think that boy needs a taller stool.
    Here's my funny piano lesson story. I didn't start until I was about 35...way too late! Anyway, there was one song I couldn't really get at all, so I just glued the pages together very carefully and the poor harried teacher never really noticed! Don't tell your tribe.

  4. Henny Penny's face looked happy helping her brother. Very rewarding!

  5. Awww! That's so sweet! He looks so happy and excited :D

  6. Oh - so beautiful. The children, the photos, the story they tell.

  7. It is SO refreshing to see Henny Penny's willingness and patience to help her brother. I hate to say it, but my experience/exposure with kids today is much different than the story these pictures tell. Amen!

  8. Beautiful Rachel....a picture speaks a thousand words :-)

  9. Kristen, He's quite serious. We'll see how long it lasts..... it's still 'fun' right now. And 'fun' that Henny Penny wants to play teacher with him.

    Mike, I knew you'd love the lamp!!! Mr. J gives me that look each time he runs through his little song...... it is the cutest thing.

    Donna, Yes, he's just in 1st grade. LOL! He does need a taller stool. Or some stacked up phone books at least! You're story had me laughing and is proof that once again, we are kindred spirits!!! Oh that is just priceless.

    Marci, She's the glowing teacher. :) She's been more than happy to help Mr. J if it means she gets out of cleaning her room. :D

    Hanna, It is really sweet! I love it when you kids get along with your siblings.

    Wabi, It was a story I didn't need to use words for. I like those, where the photos tell it for you..

    Jody, I am blessed. Yesterday in fact it was funny. Henny Penny, Mr. J, and Levi were in the kitchen. Something happened of which I am not sure, a voice was raised and Levi said, "Be nice"!!! They're good kids.....

    Jenni, Henny Penny is a sweet little soul...... Not a quiet one! :D She's a strong soul, but she is sweet.

  10. He's starting to look more like a Rubow and less like a chipmunk. Cute!

  11. Tami, He loves you too!!

    Kathy, It must be the camera angle. He still looks like a chipmunk. :)


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