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Monday, January 2, 2012

I Wish.........

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I have met so many wonderful people through the world of blogging.  Many kindred spirits from all over the world.

I had no idea when I started this blogging venture a few years ago that I would be making friends with so many incredible people across the globe.

I wish.... that there was a time and place that we could all meet in person.......  I wish.........


  1. Amen - and amen.

    But here's news: we KNOW EACH OTHER!!!

  2. Set it up! Let's do it!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I wish I could meet you, too . . .

  4. You plan it and I'll help. :)
    (No one ever wants to be in charge, do they?)

  5. I am sure we will all get to meet each other one day xx

  6. Kristen, Thank heavens for THAT! Thanks for clarifying because I get so confused sometimes. I look in the mirror most mornings and don't even know myself!

    Jody, How does the end of January sound? When is good for you?

    Anaise, Me too! And that new sweet baby of yours......

    Gerb, I hate being in charge!!! I'm a good counselor. Don't put me in as president ever!! :D

    Jenni, I feel that way too! XX

  7. I've been staggered by that same experience - the connections. Who knew? I certainly didn't. What a blessing, these connections.

    Wishing right along with you...

  8. Agreed. Currently I have some unnamed illness which has me coughing my guts out. However, I've been to Qatar where my daughter's childhood friend is residing. I've also been with you and your Hanukkah celebrations. All this, while laying back in my LaZy Boy chair.

    I'd much rather get inspired by peeking into good people's lives as I hacked my way through the evening than by hooked into the "Plug-in Drug" - tv.

  9. Wabi, It has been an incredible blessing. One I never in a million years foresaw.

    Ginger, Oh you too?? I've got the hacking up a lung cough too. Did you catch it from reading my blog? ;)

    While I was in bed for so many months, reading blogs is one of the many things that helped me keep my sanity! I've no time for the "Plug-in-Drug" as you call it. Good name!!

  10. You will get your wish someday... And even if you never met in person on earth because of the bond you've made through blogging your hearts will know each other. And I can't think of a better way to meet.

  11. Nat, I've thought a lot about that and agree. The friendships we make here will continue in the here after. That is an encouraging thought.

  12. Oh dear, you'd have to meet me in Vegas doll. Ok?


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