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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Visitor

She came to us one snowy day, the only snowy day in fact that we've had this winter season, on the back of a chicken through the forest.  All the way she came clear across the ocean from Australia to our family for a short visit here Utah, USA.

Okay, so maybe she didn't arrive on the back of a chicken but she did come in a snowstorm and she did come all the way from Australia.  Her name is Lucy and she is traveling the globe and it just so happens out of  all of the houses she chose to stop at...... ours has been one of them.  We feel quite lucky!  So lucky in fact, that we invited Lucy to celebrate Hanukkah with us!

We had no idea when we invited Lucy to join us that she was such a crack in the kitchen.  Levi loves to help me shred potatoes.  I had about 50 potatoes to shred so Lucy helped Levi while other Native's and I peeled.
She and Levi had the fun part....

After the potatoes are shredded they go into a bowl along with several other ingredients for the latkes!  Lucy was very keen on making sure I fried the latkes to perfection.  They have to be nice and crisp and brown.  We like to eat them with applesauce.

When Lucy saw that the dreidel game was being played she left me to my kitchen duties, (I didn't blame her, I'd have left if I could too) and went over to play the dreidel game.

I think Lucy is getting the hang of it...... look how much candy she is winning!

As we were waiting for the donuts to rise and cook, it was time to light our menorah.  We let Lucy be the guest of honor.  First candle lit on our first night of "The Festival of Lights"!

 We've had a lot of fun having Lucy for a visit.  She's packing her bags, getting her visa stamped by us and soon will be headed off across the country to visit another friend in West Virginia, USA.  You can read all about Lucy's adventures here on her blog.  She has her own..... which is no surprise beings as she is such a world traveling independent lady such as herself!

So long and farewell Miss Lucy!  When you get back to Queensland, Australia give your mum a hug and kiss for us beings as we live so far away and can't ourselves.  And Miss Lucy, tell your Mum that for the next adventure, she needs to pack her bags and come with!

P.S.  Remember my post from yesterday?  The "I Wish" one?  The lovely Jenni who created Lucy and sent her off on this grand adventure is one of many such friends I'd love to meet in person.........


  1. What a fun celebration - and adorable visitor!

  2. tell me about the potato shredder! is it just part of your food processor?

  3. I wonder how long it takes to ride a chicken from my house to your house? Goy, I'm thinkin' about them crossing Center and getting the heeby-jeebies. Lucy is pretty good tempered, but I am also wondering what might have happened had she NOT won all that candy??? Jenn has raised her well, I think.

  4. The post about Lucy is cute and all, but I am stuck on that bowl of potato's. For heck sake, how many people did that feed???????? What on earth. How long did that take for you to slave over the skillet and cook them? I'll be stuck on that all night now, as if it is more rare than a traveling stuffed bunny on a chicken. Geeesh! The things I pick out of your posts.

  5. Gosh Lucy is having a grand adventure! I was wondering about the chicken crossing the road too ;-) Thank you for hosting Lucy at such a special time in your house and thank the Natives for being such generous friends to share all their candy.....Lucy does love sugar! Such a great post xx

  6. Gerb, Any excuse to have an evening filled with deep fried food. If I weren't Jewish I'd pretend just so I could celebrate Hanukkah for the food!

    Marseille, I have a part that goes to my food processor yes! Oy! All this by hand? No thanks....

    Kristen, Why did the chicken cross the road??? So she could come to Hanukkah!! That was a terrible joke........ Jenn has raised Lucy very well because Lucy shared each and every piece of her candy with the rest of us. Right nice of her. Something about her wanting to watch what she eats to help save on postage costs......

    Jody, Oh my heck! I have a cough and you've landed me on the floor in a coughing fit!! I am laughing so hard!!!! Your comment is hilarious. It was a ton of potatoes that is for dang sure!!

    Jenni, Thank you for letting us host Lucy. It's been loads of fun and we're sad to see her go but I know she'll have tons of fun at her next venture.

  7. Travelling by chicken! That Lucy is my kind of rabbit, even if she didn't end up with a tattoo.

  8. I'm thrilled to read about Lucy's travels. More than that, I love reading about the Hanukkah celebrations.

    Your kids are gonna remember and cherish these festivities, even tho they carry lots of work for the mama who makes the magic happen.

    It's worth it.

    Kudos to you and your mountain of shredded potatoes.

  9. Wabi, Oh believe me.... I was tempted! (The tattoo part.) :D I'm sure Jenn wouldn't mind one bit!

    Ginger, It is a lot of work but it is, as you say, so worth it. We all look forward to it. I'm sorry you couldn't come! You did remember that I invited you right???

  10. I'm heartbroken. I'm so sorry (mostly for myself) that I missed this.

  11. Tami, We missed you!! I'm sorry you couldn't come but you were where you needed to be. It was important that you be with your girls. As we say...... next year in Jerusalem!

  12. That looks so fun! I love your visitor!

  13. Carrilyne, We love our visitor too. We're sad she is only here for a visit.


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