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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nappie. The Kind Where I Sleep. Not The Diaper.

This morning when I got up, I was all set to write a post about something else.  It was one of those mornings that started with me crawling out of bed as my body and mind screamed, "Noooooo" curling itself back towards my nice warm bed.  It's dark outside.  It's cold.  I didn't sleep that great.  I want to sleep more.  I want a nap and the day hasn't even begun.

I got The Native's up and as I opened Levi's bedroom door my nostrils were accosted and running for cover.  It was one of those moments where my rubber gloves screamed, ran and hid, the wet wipes weren't nearly enough,  and it took five matches to air out the house after the ordeal was over.

It was turning out to be a poo of a morning............  until I brought up the news on the Internet and saw this story/video.  Several of The Native's and myself crowded around my computer screen as we watched this several times laughing and erasing all left over residue of the poo morning.

I present to you......... a bird with some imagination and skills.  Snowboarding skills.


  1. That is wonderful! Very funny. How cool that bird is! Great break as I am de- "dust bunning" the house. The house reeks of winter and I will be so glad when I can open the house and de-stink the place. Seems like winter makes a house so stagnant. Poo, no poo. I had a poo morning too, thanks to Mr. Maxx. Mr. Sneak-a-potomous sneaked in the basement this morning and left me a present. He is so thoughtful.

  2. That bird DOES have some mad snowboarding skills! So glad to hear that this cleared up your poo morning. :D

  3. Poo mornings stink- literally. Sorry.
    That bird was cute and it really looks like he was trying to snowboard!

  4. Sorry about your morning! Thank you for sharing the funny video.

  5. oh dear you did have a crappy morning, sorry just had to say it ;-)
    That bird is a scream! :-) Hope the rest of the day gets better xx

  6. Korrie, I know! That's what I thought!

    Jody, Oh I am so sorry! If it isn't our kids it's our pets! I know what you mean about opening the windows and getting the stagnant air out! I love that about spring. The opening of windows and making the house fresh.

    Hanna, Me too because it would have been bad having a poo evening with you girls here right? :D

    Nat, Yes, they do! No matter what you do, they just plain stink!

    Chastina, We all have them. Best to just laugh and move on.

    Jenni, Crappy is putting it nicely! The rest of my day got better and better. Thank you and hugs!!

  7. Oh Rachel you are a marvel! That you can even consider laughing after such a poohy awakening is testament to your wonderful nature - thank goodness for funny film clips xxx

  8. My little husband and I watched this and laughed this morning, too and all we had to do was scoop out the kitty litter box!
    Day has to go uphill after a start like that and I'm glad yours did! Did the big chair call your name some more?

  9. Wow. And the astonishing thing, the staggering thing, is that the bird was not only using a TOOL, but figuring out which slopes were most effective. And that when he left, he took the tool with him. I'm blown away.

    If birds can figure out stuff like that - doesn't that make you feel like your kids are really conning you have the time?

  10. Julie, As you well know, it is either laugh or cry!! The fun film clip helped me make my decision. :)

    Donna, Cat litter is no small thing!! That is NASTY! My day did go uphill. I spent most of it in my big chair but at least that means I was sitting up and not laying down six feet under! :D

    Kristen, Incredible isn't it and you're right..... how often IS our kids pulling the wool over our eyes.... the punks! And we fall for it!!


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