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Friday, January 6, 2012


I had to put OTN in my title so I could look really cool like the bloggers who have knitting blogs who are officially cool.  I wanna be like them.  OTN means:  On The Needles

Meaning my project is still on the knitting needles.  It isn't finished.  So why am I taking photos of an unfinished project?  Because it's what the cool knitting blogs do.  The End!

I love cables.  Cables are those lumpy things on the front of the sweater that give it texture and pattern.  Yes, it is going to be a sweater.  A little baby cable knit sweater if all goes to plan/pattern.

When I first started learning to knit I thought cables would be ultra hard.  Boy was I pleased when I realized that they aren't hard at all!

I like projects that you put very little effort into but reap tons of reward which makes it look like you put in way more than you did.  Kind of like pumpkin seeds.  You throw those suckers in the ground and your whole garden is covered with big green plants that produce big orange pumpkins and everyone thinks you're an amazing gardener.  Truth is you threw smashed pumpkins in your garden in the fall, forgot about them, and in the spring they started to sprout, you were lazy and didn't weed all summer, and in the fall you look like you did it on purpose!  Not that I'm speaking from experience mind you.......  I've just heard......

Same with knitting cables.  You just move things around a little here and there and you end up with a project that everyone thinks you must know what you are doing to have produced.

The End!  For reals this time.........


  1. THIS IS GORGEOUS. WOW. Why didn't you show me the other day? Now I know where to go to learn this stuff.

    'member how I told you Cam was sick? Now M is - and it sounds like what you had last weekend. I went to see him and take soup and hug him so I guess I'm next in line. I'll only stand for it if it makes me lie down so I can read all day -

  2. Cables are definitely a high return kind of project! It's looking great.
    Haven't had the pumpkin experience, but I have been known to miss a few potatoes in the ground. By about March, there are potato plants growing. I ask my dad, will they grow into potatoes? "They're just weeds now," he says. (To my dad, anything growing where it oughtn't to is a weed.) Well, I didn't have anything really I needed to plant there, so I left them. Guess what? On the 4th of July, I harvest potatoes as big as my fist!

  3. I can't even imagine doing that.
    I hope all of you out there start to feel well soon!

  4. Hey, I've heard that very same thing about pumpkins! Only it was actually tomatoes in the story I heard. Really ridiculously robust tomatoes, fully due to the FABULOUS gardiner, and nothing at all to do with the lazy one who didn't remove all of last year's tomatoes. Unh huh.

    Your OTN is fab! Wait, did I use the OTN properly? Maybe not. Never heard of it before. Cuz I am not a cool knitting blogger. But I like it. But even more likeable are those cables of yours. WOW!!!!!

  5. Woah! That is so dang cute!! When I first saw your blog title I was like, "what on earth does that mean?" Looks like I'm not one of those cool knitting blog people huh? :D

  6. This is going to be a lovely little sweater Rachel. You're right about cabling, it looks fiercely complicated but once you get going it's a piece of cake! I like your approach to growing pumpkins too!

  7. So come work your pumpkin magic at my house! We don't get zucchinis or any squashes of any kind in abundance here! Everyone else does! Why not us? I think you're an amazing gardener if you can grow lots and lots of pumpkins!

    Oops! I'm sorry for whining at you. Your sweater is beautiful.

  8. That is awesome! Knitting is hard so I know you are being modest! You are a "cool" blogger of everything!!


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