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Monday, January 30, 2012

Mummy looks bad............

  • Levi's bus was early.  
  • Mummy don't like it when Levi's bus is early.
  • Levi doesn't like it when his bus is early.
  • Levi's bus driver isn't there.  It's a substitute.
  • Levi doesn't like change.  
  • Early bus means running around frantic and Levi off to school without his hair done or teeth brushed.  
  • Levi going to school without hair done and teeth brushed makes Mummy look bad.
  • Mummy doesn't like to look bad.
  • Mummy looks bad.  Mummy is in her jammies still, her hair is not done, her teeth are not brushed.
  • It's Monday.......

  • What's that?
  • The doorbell
  • It's the repairman come to fix the furnace.
  • Dang!  Mummy has to answer the door.
  • Mummy is in her jammies still, her hair is not done, her teeth are not brushed.
  • Mummy looks bad.
  • It's Monday..........

  • The Native's are off to school.
  • Mummy sees her unmade bed.
  • It calls to her.
  • Dang!  Mummy has to answer.
  • Mummy is still in her jammies, her hair is still not done, her teeth are still not brushed.
  • Mummy looks bad.
  • Who cares!  It's MONDAY! (


  1. It must be Monday. You can't even make a proper frowny face emoticon. I envy you are back in bed. I might be hitting the couch in my office pretty soon. I'm playing on the internet, hoping something will make me feel better.

  2. You just made me smile Rachel:)

  3. What a way to start a Monday...and then celebrate it!

  4. Without the bullet points, this actually counts as poetry. You left out the part about running to IFA - or have you done that yet? Last week, I freaked out that it was already Friday. I think Sunday is actually my Monday, and Monday is actually a relief. And Friday is a pain because it has to be special - treats and movies and plans. But that means somebody has to do the leg work and the deciding and the planning ahead. Which is not me. And so it's usually not anybody. Which means that Friday is never Friday anyway.

    Why don't I blog about this?

  5. A proper frowny face icon - BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  6. Kathy, Envy me not! I had a dream that built on top of another dream I'd had last week. The SM is in SO much trouble!!!! Only a Monday nap would produce a dream such as these..... :( Is that better? :D

    Linda, That is because your Monday is almost over! :D

    Donna, If going back to bed is celebrating I am a party animal!! :D

    Kristen, No, not to IFA yet. Yeah, why don't you blog about this???

  7. Thank you for the laugh. I needed it. I've had better Mondays....

  8. Nat, Yes you have! I've no room to complain compared to your Monday!! I hope you recover quickly.

  9. I thought you had an appointment at the school today?

    Having said have every right to be a mummy doing what she wants on a MONDAY!

    BTW, that little lady looks like many,many of the mummies I Met in Sri Lanka looked just like her. Made me smile. Thank you!

  10. Tami, Moaning............. covering head with a pillow....... I need some serious help.......

  11. Woah! You mean to tell me MONDAY ALREADY HAPPENED? Jet lag. Major Jet Lag. And exercise lag. Woah. It's Tuesday? Really?

  12. Jody, Yes, thank heavens it is Tuesday!!! How was your trip??? :D


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