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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Black Hawk

Yesterday we woke up early and headed up to the mountains. My punks riding instructor has this tradition every year where she reserves a campsite at Black Hawk and her students join her for a week of camping and riding in the mountains.

For one reason and another we weren't able to spend the week with her but I was able to take the punks up yesterday where they spent the day riding, stayed the night last night,and will spend the day riding today while I sit at home with the youngin's and feel sorry for myself.

My punks riding instructor is amazing. Truly amazing. If you had ever thought of having your punks take lessons she is the one to take from. I don't know too many people who love what they do as much as she does and is willing to spend a week in the mountains with a bunch of punks taking them on rides that are breathtakingly beautiful.

Not to mention the lessons themselves as she teaches not only how to ride but how to care for your horse. The lessons are supposedly two hours but I've yet to pick up my kids after two hours. If the weather is cold then maybe they'll be done after three or four hours.......during the mine as well forget about getting your punks as they'll be having too much fun riding and won't want to come home OR you'll go to pick them up and when you do you find they can't leave because they are busy involved in extracting teeth, vet care, hoof trimming, castrating,...etc. etc. etc........

Their instructor makes sure all of her students are involved and it is all hands on baby.

After all of the students went on a long ride yesterday I was able to jump on one of my favorite horses Kane and go on a short ride. (Kane is the horse that saved my life last year. You can read about it here.) Punks number two and three also came with while the oldest punk stayed back at the camp watching the babies.......

I wonder when the "babies" will start protesting at me calling them "babies"......they are 3 and 6 now....

Anyway, back to the ride. It was short (about an hour..hour and a half give or take) but it was perfect. I needed it. The mountains are so clean and quiet and my spirits were rejuvenated and like the students after lessons....I didn't wanna quit!

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  1. I love the pictures, and yes, I would love to be there. Can't we move somewhere with great backcountry that's actually just nice deciduous forest and rolling hills? Like the east? Where we can drive to it without taking our lives into our hands? I'd really like that. Really.


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