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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where did THAT come from?

Another post about Levi. Our Levi who cracks us up daily and here is his latest.

To make any sense if you don't know Levi he has AHC. You can read more about it here or more about Levi specifically here.

A few years ago we went up to MT to visit family. We brought our dogs along with and stayed at my baby sis's house. My parents came one evening and as my dad walked through the door our dogs went bounding up to say, "hello"! My dad reached down and started to pet our Westie and said, "hello dufus".

That one word stuck with Levi. Why is this? I have no idea. The punk can't remember anything we try to teach him that might be useful but he remembers the word, dufus. Everytime he saw my dad for about a year he'd call out, "Hi dufus"!

We all thought it was funny and got a kick out of it. My parents went on a mission for our Church for 18 months so it has been a few years since Levi has used the word dufus.

Last night while I was putting Levi to bed he looked at me with a grin on his face and said, "you're a dufus"! He then doubled over in peals of giggling and laughter. He continued through out the entire process of me putting him to bed giggling and laughing in between calling me a dufus.

If I had any sort of a back bone I'd have gotten after him and made him stop because you know where this is headed.........but I'm a wimp and started to giggle and laugh with him calling him a dufus while tickling him making him giggle and laugh even harder in between him taking deep breaths and calling me a dufus........

Remind me that I thought this was funny when the day comes and he walks up to someone of importance and calls them a dufus..............


  1. I think thats a great word! Too bad he didnt know it at the rodeo when President U ( I cant spell it, im so bad!) You know the 2nd counselor in the first presidency of the LDS church. He is pretty important, you wouldnt want Levi saying that to him would you?? I dont know if you want Tyler hanging out there anymore, you know what he did when he was younger picking up words from him friends, I would want him doing the same to Levi... and yes he is my monkey who says bad words! The squash...hmmm I dont care for it so that is why when I went to get my purse I say it on the table and thought, hurry dont say anything to Tyler, I am sure that is what he was going to say to you and forgot :) Tyler may want it, he will eat anything. I will ask him ;)

  2. wouldn't want Tyler..oops typo. It happens a lot

  3. Wait a minute, here! I left a comment on this right after it was posted!! I said.

    You dufus.

    But it doesn't show up here. Wit and charm, discarded by technology. What is the world coming to?

  4. crap, now i have to try NOT to call you a dufus the next time i see you....darn that levi!!! ;)


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