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Monday, August 18, 2008

School's Started!

A busy morning. The first day of school, the first day of high school, and the first day of Junior High.

We started the process with my oldest boy. His first day of high school. We were both such a nervous wreck I forgot to take pictures of him. Not that he'll mind....but I had planned on taking his photo.....that was before the rush out the door trying to figure out just where the bus stop was and if he was even on the right bus.

I've always laughed at the mom's who bawl when they take their kids to the first day of Kindergarten. I've never been much of a crier. Guess I'm a bit of a stone in that way. This morning after the bus pulled away with Brennan on it I did WHAT? I started to BAWL! Stil trying to figure that one out.......

An hour later it was this punk's turn to grab the bus. This time was easier. First day of Junior High and he had a friend who has been his friend for years so they put on stiff upper lips together and embarked on this new adventure side by side.

And then another hour later these three took off with lunch bags in hand for the elementary excited to pick up their friends along the way as I am shouting out to them to "stick together and don't talk to strangers and stick together in a clump and don't leave each other for a second and I LOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUU!"

Next week Levi will start Kindergarten again so he'll have his first pictures then. Weird. It will be only Jadon and I here at home........poor Jadon.......

Sure is quiet around here this morning........sigh..........


  1. bummer!! Collin looks like he maybe just woke up :) They all look so good for their first day of school! Outfits and all! Way cute!

    Im sure if Brenann wasnt a boy he would have cried to...I remember when I started high school it was one of those times where dad decided we needed to have family prayer, that is when you know something is serious in our family...I think he cried and my mom! So how did Brian do is the question??

  2. I'm not sure if I'm ready for school to start. I guess it doesn't matter since it started even though I'm not ready.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful children. And look you - thought it's not the way we wish it was going, it's the way it is, and I think you ought to sit that jadon in front of Sesame Street and take a load off. Listen to the silence, and use it, and allow yourself to enjoy the quiet.

  4. I remember being sooo nervous on the 1st day of school... Your kids look so cute!


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