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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lucky Strike!

You are SO not gonna believe this. I am so excited I can't stand myself.

While walking home from taking care of the horses this morning I found something on the ground even better than a penny with its heads up.

Don't be jealous. I've come across some hard luck lately so I think I kind of deserve this one and beings as I don't know who the owner is you know the saying........."finder's keepers....."

I found.........drum roll. A coupon! Not just ANY OLD COUPON. Ooooh no! THIS coupon is a buy one get one FREE! For a pack of "Camel's" cigarettes.

Wait until I tell my lungs that I get to kill BOTH lungs for the price of ONE package of cigarettes!!! Now that's "Lucky". "Strike" one......."Strike" two........YOU'RE OUT!

Sorry........couldn't resist all of the puns today...........that's what happens when you sit on your "butt" all day............


  1. geeze Rachel!! I was geeting all excited for you then wham! Not cool!

  2. So you're Clorox is finally getting to your brain? No. I get it. Thrilling to find something so - classy - flying on the wind and stuck in the pasture grass. I have some bubble wrap or something from the last storm. Where does this stuff come from?????


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