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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My first born son! My right hand man! My boy who is growing into a man and I'm not happy about it!

This is my boy on Kane. Kane whom I love. My hero Kane. Bet ya didn't know Kane was a hero did ya?

Actually, truth be told....and we must always speak the truth.....I loved Kane long before he saved my life. For some reason his soul is very calming to me. I walk up to him, place my forehead on his and is very calming. Did I happen to say that it is calming because if I failed to do so......I would like to mention that now......that it is very calming......

This boy......and this saddle........a year ago.........

Couldn't do this...especially not on Kane who is way too many hands tall (almost 18 hands?) and requires someone like me to do the splits just trying to get on him. Now my boy lifts the saddle like it is nothing way up in the air above Kane and then gently places it on his back. I'm a wimp......I still have to have my boy help me and Kane thanks him everytime because when I do it, it is like a freight train has just been hurled up into the air and lands with a back cracking thud on his back.

I love this boy.......I love this horse.......

Kane! You take care of my boy who is fast becoming a man ya hear? You take care of him like you took care of me, k?

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  1. 16 hands. At eighteen hand, he wouldn't fit under those Powder River gates. And yes, yes, I so hope that Kane takes care of that boy. I love him too.


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