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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

She's 8!

My baby girl turned 8 on Saturday. We had a neighbor and friend of ours make a Barbie cake for my girl and my niece who also had a birthday in August. (How the heck am I supposed to write a post about my baby girl when my baby is peeking behind her and making me want to put him in kryptonite and keep him preserved forever just like he is........can you do that?.......I mean with kryptonite?......not that I'd ever do that......seriously....I'd never try to keep my baby from growing up and leaving me all alone and my arms empty and those DIMPLES.....I would never DREAM of trying to preserve that.......I wonder if Windex would work.......)

We thought the "I love mom" tattoo was a crack up!

My baby girl is such a princess. First thing she told her cousin was, "I get the Barbie!"

Trying to figure out where to put candles in this cake was a bit tricky. The boys thought it would be cool if Barbie's hair went up in flames.

Cuteness aside. That was a dang good cake. Very moist and very yummy with cream cheese frosting........mmmmmmm......burp.....scuse me........

Happy Birthday baby girl who will always be my baby girl even when you are a teenager and are rolling your eyes with your nose up in the air telling me to stop with the "cute name stuff cuz it is sooooo embarrassing". Get used to it. You'll always be my baby girl!


  1. Try bleach on those dimples! hehehe! Totally kidding!

    Really though, if you ever do find a way to preserve kids, let me know!

  2. oh how fun! she's such an adorable. girl. such a beautiful smile!

  3. I wish I had Kirsten's skin!! It beautiful! She puts that barbie to shame! That barbie she kept, that barbie she wouldnt let her cousin have...want a nice cousin to let her have it. She sounds like a peach...she must be slowly taking after her auntie madussa!

  4. I can't believe your kids are growing up so fast! I can hardly recognize them. Do they remember me!?

  5. That cake was magical! Almost, it sold me an Barbie (only almost). What it really sold me on was getting myself a cream cheese dress.

    Yeah, and Charlotte, all of about twelve years old, once turned her nose up at me and said, "Mom, you just don't know what's cool."

    Was that the day she wore a cut up paper plate crown on her head to junior high? Hmmmm -

  6. Those Barbie cakes are the best! I had one when I was 5 and I still remember how exciting it was! And can you believe I have three little girls and still have never had one for their birthdays!


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