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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A little taste of Saturday.

This Saturday is the big day for my baby girl who doesn't want to be called a baby. The day she has been looking forward to for 8 years......well, okay....technically maybe the last 4 years but ya know what I mean. We've been looking forward (or not, I'm still hung up on her growing up) for the last 8 years. She will be baptised by her daddy into this awesome church!

How can you go wrong with lemon and orange pound cakes I'd like to know? The sheet cakes, (chocolate, carrot, and a vanilla pound cake type that I cover in cream cheese frosting and then fresh fruit) are good to go......the meat for the taco's is cooked.......

I think my Jewish nether most heritage comes through and rears it's bounteous food diva head. Not that I can cook......I can't.....but I try.......and if there is any occasion that calls for food. I'm all over that baby and if there isn't an occasion then I make one up like no ones business. I believe in heritage and keeping it alive and nothing speaks alive to me more than food! Good food! Glorious food! Gonna go lick some more of that frosting off of the beaters now.....that is my Scotch heritage.......waste not......want not....


  1. Those look fabulous! Good job....

  2. oh I'm so mad to miss out! Those pound cakes look delectable. Give that cute new 8 yr old a kiss for me.

  3. those look awesome Rachel!! I cant wait to partake!

    I actually found a poster of my favorite print as a poster that Robert Duncan allows us "spenders" to get a better deal. Its like $34 but Tyler says I should wait because the "baby" might not want it in his/her room. haha

  4. Did you take those shots, R? You are making it impossible for me to be prudent tomorrow, ya know!! The pictures alone are delicious. Well lit, lovely and clear. Oh, mercy. And you are doing way too much, of course. I only want you NOT to do so much for two reasons: 1) I worry about you and 2) Man, standing next to you makes me look SOOOOOOOO bad.

    Still, making a face at Ginna: I GET TO EAT THIS STUFF~~~


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