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Monday, August 18, 2008

Take 2

It must be tough having such an obnoxious mother. Punk gets home from a long day at school and I make him pretend that he is just leaving so I can have my "Kodak" or in this case "Canon" moment.....

Look at him. Do you blame me? Danged handsomest punk there in that whole high school if you ask me........snicker...and according to my sources I'm not the only one that thinks a girl walks past my boy and says, "I like your name".....


  1. Hot tamales - what a gorgeous man. I'm glad he chose to brave it out with Spencer - I bet when they got off the bus, this wave of gorgeous just blew through the entire school and left the women gasping.

    Yes, yes, yes.

  2. Nobody will ever know... Everybody goes to school without shoes on...
    He is a handsom lad, as are all your boys!

  3. good luck fighting all the girls off. High school ones are crazy. I dont blame them...look at his mother...stunning! The only thing he could be is handsome!


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