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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My second boy

My second boy. My boy who can bring a smile on my face faster than anything else. My boy who can take any task and make it fun.

Riding has been a challenge for him. He spent about the entire first year and a half terrified but came back time and time again with gritted teeth. Now he's an old hand.........thanks to many hours in the saddle and a teacher who has given him confidence and enabled him.

See? He can't even saddle up without playing peek a boo!

Check that girth my boy who makes me laugh even when I don't want to. You remember what happened the last time you didn't? Poor horse couldn't understand why what was once on her back was now under her belly and her rider on the ground.

What a good boy. Pulling his horses legs forward after tightening the girth so she won't be pinched and uncomfortable. See? His teacher teaches him things like this. Back in the good old days when I rode I never knew to do anything like this.

Waiting.....waiting.......waiting.......for the others to saddle up so he can hit the trail.

Napping....napping....napping.....cuz it used to be this boy was the last to be saddled he's got experience under his belt......and he's waiting for the others........I'm proud of my boy who makes me laugh and gives the yummiest of hugs.


  1. Brings back memories of riding Midge, doesn't it?? Or not!!!! Love seeing your kids and keeping in touch. Technology is my friend . .. .

  2. And he was riding Kiss? Mz Biz. He looks great. man, they grow up so fast. M started out scared, too. Then he became the man who just got up there and did it.

    Wonderful -


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