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Monday, October 20, 2008


Somewhere down the hall from me was a man who had Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. All day long and all night long he would yell out the vowels of the alphabet. I got the biggest kick out of him and several times when he'd get to the letter "u" I wanted so badly to yell out from my room, "And Bingo was his Nameoooooo"!


  1. You gotta love Alzheimer patients! Atleast they give hospital stays a little flavor. I'm glad to know that you are home, and glad to be introduced to your blog! Thank Kristen for informing us on your condition. Didn't even know you were in the hospital until Thursday. You kinda get lost and out of the loop, when you are in Primary. We have missed the kids the last few weeks, I'm sure you did too. Please take care and I hope you have a speedy recovery.
    Natalie Parke

  2. He was just priming you for all the hours you are going to get to spend watching Wheel of Fortune. Gotta watch Jeopardy, too, to keep your mind sharp.

    Love you.

  3. If I'd been there that night, I'd have sung it for you - like howling at the moon!!

  4. This is a third attempt at posting a comment to you, the first attempt was foiled when my daughter unplugged the computer, the second attempt foiled when she fell on the computer. She is now watching PBS kids so I think I am safe. What I am really afraid of is that you will receive 2 more blogs very similar to this one, and wonder if it is ME who has Alzehimer's. goes nothing....
    Dear Rachel (code name Little Sparrow)
    Glad to hear you are alive and kicking and in good spirits. Wonders never cease. Wish I could be there with you enjoing your midnight bingo game with the solo moaner down the hall. I guess we will have to wait until were 90 for that kind of fun. Seriously, there is nothing like a debilatating sickness to make you regret neglecting a friendship.. So From here on out, no more. I promise to be your most annoying friend, the one you wish would just leave you alone. Miss you. I would trade places with you in a heartbeat. All of my love and well wishing
    Michelle (code name Big Mama)

  5. Well, well, well what have you been up to since I’ve been out of town young lady? Imagine my surprise to find you’ve been ‘entertaining’ the hospital staff with ‘moons’ and ‘fingers’ make me so proud. I’m so sorry I wasn’t in town to help you or your family in some way. Well I’m back now and hope to change that.

    What I’ve been told is that you enjoy ‘blogging’.(?Spelling?) I’ve heard the word ‘blogging’ but never really thought about it or done it. The word ‘blog’ itself makes me want to take a couple of Tylenol and sleep it off or take a hot shower and wash it off. After looking up your ‘blog’ page I see it’s a cross between entertaining, emails and scrap booking ON STEROIDS. I understand you are home now but I can’t come see you so I will have to contact you via your blog.

    I got back into town late last night from doing my 3rd job...playing chef for hunters each Fall. You know me Rach, I don’t follow recipes...I’m an ‘ish’ cook....a cup(ish) of this and a tablespoon(ish) of that, thrown in a pan then call it dinner and we’re good. I cook while they belch, scratch and hunt. This camp I had 12 men to cook for. Three square meals with snacks in between. This was my fourth and final cook camp for this year. I’m so relieved to be done for the year. I’ve done this for 6 years now and you’d think I’d get used to babysitting these overgrown little boys...being in the mountains in a cabin with 12 men (and I use the term ‘men’ loosely) ages 30-70 going on 20(ish). No matter the age the male species likes to play cowboys and Indians in the woods. Every camp seems to have the same ritual...I cook while watching them decide ‘pecking order’, arm wrestle, hoot n holler over the ball games on TV, and argue over politics. The cabin is very aromatic...somewhere between stale socks and gun powder. I run around frantic all week lighting candles and spraying fabreeze to try and mask the odor. Thank heavens I have my own private room to retire to throughout the day to escape the testosterone dripping walls of the main cabin. I need to hang out with the girls and try to balance out by soak up some estrogen.

    It’s great to be home with my honey. After being around these neandrathols all week I REALLY appreciate my sweetheart.

    I'm so grateful your home safe now. Keep laughing as I hear it heals the mind and spirit faster. Take care my dear friend. As always you are in my prayers. I hope to see you soon.

    Love you Tonz n Tonz


  6. well good thing you didn't or they might've diagnosed you with tourrette's or something too!! :)
    I'm always afraid when I'm in the hospital that they're going to find something else wrong with me I never suspected.
    I'm glad you're out and home. I'm just sorry I'm so far away and I can't do much. :( But we've been thinking of you for sure.
    Oh, and I have some pictures for you too. I just haven't posted them yet. I have to finish working on them.


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