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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From point A to point B

Common fact: The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

One should never ask why me. It is a question with a dead end. I think that sometimes or maybe most of the time we as earthly humans wander through life trying to get from point A to point B but we do it in a real round about way.

We see something interesting over here.....and then we wander over there......We have our eyes on our end goal but like a drunken sailor our paths are kind of loopy.

Heavenly Father knows that the shortest distance is a straight line so he sends things into our lives/paths that we look at as road blocks when in fact they are hyper drives that launch us faster and straighter to point B.

Does any of this make sense?


  1. I liked your comments on the "Why Me?" question. In fact, I've heard it said that if everyone was able to unload their "burdens" into the center, and then reselect from the pile of everyone's burdens, they would reselect the burden's they HAD.

  2. it does make sense to me. The why me question is a tough one not to ask, but it's really pointless. Thinking about why me doesn't get us anywhere.
    I'm always impressed and inspired by your attitude Rachel. You're amazing.

  3. Yes. Or they are course corrections. Sometimes, though, the answer to "Why me," is simply that your choices got you where you are. I know that many of the stupid things that have happened to me have happened because I've set myself up for them by choosing to do or not do. So to me, the question isn't pointless - it's actually a good question if we are willing to answer honestly.

    To blame all of our difficulties on some plan of God's is to sidestep our own loopy choices, and every time we successfully sidestep those, we get ourselves farther and farther away from living an intelligent and disciplined and thus richer and safer life.

    If a drunk driver hits you on Geneva road in the middle of the day as you're headed for Walmart to get groceries - assuming that you're traveling the speed limit, not messing with the radio, not on the cel phone - then you can ask "Why me?" with true bemusement. Even then, the answer could just be, because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  4. Hi Rachel....
    I'm still trying to figure this out. I enjoy your post!

  5. What I mean with asking why me being pointless is in my case with this West Nile........well........why NOT me? Do I think I am better than someone else and that it shouldn't happen to me but should happen to someone else? Bad things happen but to ask why me? Turn it around.....why not me? Bad things happen to righteous people. It is part of the growing and learning process. If we aren't having trials in our lives.......then be very very worried........Make sense? Not that a break from trials isn't nice from time to time.....


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