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Friday, October 31, 2008

"Life on the Farm: Part Two"

Changing clothes from the bus to the house without getting caught was a major thrill.

The Japanese Umbrella Tree really will keep you dry in a rain storm.

Caring for animals will make you a better person after all.

Bonnie , the milk cow did not like to be ridden.

Pigs do not like cowpies.

No matter how dry a cowpie looks, there is always a little goo under the crust.

The wetter the cowpie the better they fly, resulting in your older sister running in the house yelling, “I’m going to tell Mom.”

Cowpies do stick to you in a “cowpie” fight.

Cowpies do squish between the toes just like mud does.

The newly delivered manure piles brought new meaning to “King of the mountain”.

If you yank Bonnie out of the stall quick enough, you can ALMOST keep all of the excrements from landing in the stall.

Bonnie did not like feeding the cats at the same time she was milked.

Chickens don’t like milk squirted at them.

Chickens will eat ANYTHING including your unwanted table vegetables.

Chickens do bounce off of walls.

Chickens do fly when properly propelled.

Chicken heads do not make good door stops.

Even when the blasted rooster, that is hated alive and well, is wounded it brings out the soft spot in your heart.

Knocking the blocks off the chickens with the broom handle made it much easier to get the eggs from the chickens making them much more cooperative.

The dog REALLY does like eggs, but prefers to have them without the shells.

Deserted chicken coops do made good play houses.

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  1. Yes. Yes. And cows can shoot the pie makings fifteen feet before they end up in the pie. Do not stand behind a cow. At least, not for long. You can wrangle cows without a horse. But if you do, YOU may end up a bit pie-like yourself.

    Cows can jump fences. I've seen it. And cows can weasel their ways through a barbed wire fence. I've seen that, too. Also, cows can walk right through barbed wire fences, dragging the ends behind them. I have not seen this, however.


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