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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hey lady! Get your head out of the clouds

The other morning,

I was hanging outside my upstairs window precariously perched on my windowsill hoping none of my wee punks would catch me lest they try to simulate what I was doing.

Completely mesmerized by the beauty of the morning after two days of dreary rain WHICH WE NEEDED... the realization of just how precarious my situation was over came me and I looked down trying to assess just how messy it would be if I fell,

and that is when I noticed this little lovely.......protected by the over hanging roof had survived the thrashing winds and rain.

I jumped down from the windowsill, ran downstairs, and out the back door leaving my family wondering what all of the excitement was about.

Little droplets of water left on the petals.......the only trace that it had just been through several days of drenching rain.........

and some people say there isn't a Higher Being......snort.......I beg to differ.


  1. WOW! oh how gorgeous the mountains are I just love them. And your rose there isn't far behind!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful! Wait a minute!! I thought IIIIIIII was supposed to be the photographer around here. I am surrounded by my gifted girls. How delightful, and what great eyes you have.


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