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Saturday, October 25, 2008


I would like to declare something here and now! I would like to make it mandatory that everyone wear scrubs.

Do you know what my manly man did for me? When I came home from the hospital he went and bought me several pair of bright and funky scrubs. It was either that or looking at me day after day in my bathrobe and although I admit my bathrobe is yummy and comfy and is........a bathrobe.

They are to be worn as a symbol I am told. To me, a reminder that I am not well and to take it easy and slow, and to the outside world, a reminder that I'm thick and sick in the head. :o)

I've worn them now for several days and they are FABULOUS! They are so comfy. A classy pair of sweats with really cool pockets! I'm not sure my MM is ever going to be able to get me out of them and I'll tell you a secret. They have PINK PANTHER ONES! I know.....cuz I got em....


  1. mmm I do love scrubs! When I was a CNA at Payson Hospital I wore them every day and I loved it! Also when I was in Dental Assisting school I wore them too, I sometimes still wear the bottoms with a t-shirt!

  2. I actually have several pair and I am the proud owner of a pair of Utah Valley Surgical Scrubs--which are uber-comfy. How, you might ask did I get the actual, stamped, green beauties? After all, you must be an employee to wear them and you must turn them in when you are no longer working. All you have to do is bring your psychotic 13 year old into the ER where she pees and then pukes on you and wallah! The RNs feels sorry for you and produce the coveted pair. Or they can't stand your smell. I am not sure which it is...

  3. I agree, scrubs should be included in everyone's comfy clothes. I also love all the fun patterns that they come in.

  4. Scrubs are fabulous. I find my self looking for my pockets when i am not wearing them.

    I am glad that you are enjoying them.

  5. First of all, I love scrubs. I only own two pair (they're my pj's) and I lived in them after all of my c-sections. I need more. Secondly, I have been so-o-o-o busy that I had no clue about you being in the hospital until Rhonda Ebel told me about it last night. I am so sorry. I want to cry. I could've been praying for you! I will start today! Please take care of yourself. I wish I lived closer, so I could help. I am glad your mom, Kristen, and your MM have been there to help. (I loved the "spaghetti" conversation you had with Levi. What a hoot!) We are praying for your recovery.

  6. You are right, they should be mandatory attire for all women. We just received a hand me down XL pair from Lara Hinkley. Spencer immediatly put them on and has yet to take them off. The minute he walks thru the door the scubbs are on. He looks like he belongs in the E.R. the real one, and the show.
    Ps. I need your E-mail address
    PSS tonights the ward social, I am going to miss you.......


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