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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm still on vacation

The food sucks, my butt sticks to the bed pan, and the only drugs they let you snort in these tubes up my nose is oxygen, The other tubes stuck in me just make noises and set off alarms and the budget in clothing must be small cuz half of my dress is missing, I think I'd like a refund,,,,not to mention no one knows how to do hair around here,


  1. Rachel if your ever up for visitors I would love to come visit you! I'm sorry that your still stuck in that hospital room! Any idea when you might get to come home?

  2. Oh, my heck, woman. There was at least one person who could give you a competition braid, so stop your whining. Now, about the sticking part - I think whining might be in order there.

  3. Have you tried Expedia? I hear they have really nice vacation packages. :)

    Get well soon!


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