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Monday, October 27, 2008


This is an analogy of sorts........and a tribute to mother's. Mine especially.

While in the hospital my mother would come and sit with me. One of several taking their turns "babysitting". On her first watch my mother sat and worked on an afghan she is crocheting. I don't know if it was on purpose because she knew she was coming back the next day.....when she left, she left the afghan in a bag along with the yarn and crochet hook. Brian was watching over me, saw the afghan and carefully taking it out of the bag placed it across my shoulder's as I tried sleeping.

When my mother returned the next day she found me curled up in her afghan and I had to apologize that with my "tossing and turning" I'd undone a bit of her work. "Not to worry" she said. Day after day this happened. Mom would come and work on the afghan and then leave it so I could snuggle up in it and then I'd spend the night undoing what she'd spent hours the day before working on.

I got to thinking about that and when my mother showed up one morning I laughingly told my mother, "I'm still doing it. This is mother hood. You work all day and your kids come behind you and undo in a matter of seconds what you spent hours working on."

I've thought a little more about this analogy because I'm still stealing my mother's afghan but being a little wiser have made sure the loop of yarn is pulled out really long so as not to undo her work. It is a beautiful afghan with an interesting pattern. Yarn woven in and out creating dimension.

That is mother hood. Hours and hours of hard work that we see as getting undone and yet progress is made and in the end........the finished product is spectacular!


  1. This is a VERY good analogy! I love it, because that's exactly the way you feel sometimes as a Mother. But unfortunately for MY kids, I don't always have the patience your mother showed. I guess I still need to work on that!

    On another was WONDERFUL to SEE you yesterday. I hope it wasn't too much for you to be out and about. But I TOTALLY understand the draw. The kids were all wonderful in the program. Hang in there and keep "resting".

    Love you.

  2. I agree with Diana. What a great way to look at motherhood!

  3. oh this is just so true! I know I did it and do it to my own mom, and I feel here here as I'm a mom too.
    And I love the idea of you curling up with your mommy's blanket. It makes me smile.

  4. Beautiful. And apt. I was my mother's unravelling project. But ask me as a mother if my own little toss and turners were worth it - you know the answer. And I know you know it well.

  5. Love your analogy. I feel like I can't get any "masterpieces" done before kids are ripping it up, stepping on it, hiding it, or spilling milk on it. It's easy to get frustrated, but then, I remember the real masterpieces are the four little angels that I have been sent to mold and sculpt. Those masterpieces will always be priceless, regardless of how messy the "museum" is they live in.


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