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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who's my mommy?

Picked Levi up from school and had this conversation with him.

Levi: I had spaghetti today!
Me: You had spaghetti for snack time?
Levi: I'm messy
Me: You love spaghetti.
Levi: My mommy makes me spaghetti.
Me: Who's your mommy?
Levi: Mrs. Thibault. She makes me spaghetti all the time.

P.S. If you should drive by and see my son sticking out of the garbage can no worries......I dumped him there when we got home. I'm now sitting in my kitchen eating SPAGHETTI!


  1. yeah, nice one Levi! Max likes to say stuff like that to me too. It doesn't go over well.

  2. Well I don't blame you. He has come up to be before and said something like "mom, julie is stuck, help? Or Mom, play the video...etc. I have never made him spagetti. I think he thinks all girls are moms, but he knows you are the best one!!! He probably gets confused because he heres other kids call their mom's, mom. Thus the conclusion that all girls are mom's. This probably isnt making you feel any better ;p

  3. Oh, Rachel. I'll send you mine to help you feel better. I'll even tell them to call you "mommy". I know that will make me feel better!!! Where do you get your pictures? I searched all over for one to go with my "squash" story and couldn't find one. Love and miss you.

  4. well... I used to slip and call a few of my teachers mom/dad without even knowing.... even till i graduated from high school! Now that's embarrassing! it never ends!
    p.s. What is your email address?

  5. They keep doing this same thing over the years in so many different ways. Just make sure that, when you dump them in the garbage, it's not really pick-up day.


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