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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The proper way to make applesauce

Step number 1: If you do not have any of your own, find some local neighborhood boys. They will find the "plunging" quite entertaining.

Step number 2: Have your baby girl taste test the applesauce so that she can squash all of your hard work and effort by telling you it tastes "just like in the store".

Step number 3: After hours of working hard in the kitchen go and look at the photo's on your camera only to find out that one of your punks has once again stolen your camera and has filled it with photo's like this. The subject matter being quite darling but the background being less than desirable.

In the future who ever took this photo would you please warn the big bahootie lady at the sink to kindly go and stir some applesauce or something SOMEWHERE ELSE? This photo is quite disturbing to me. I wonder....could it possibly be the glaring apron strings so strategically placed????

Step number 4: After viewing this photo go and hide in ones closet for a few hours curled up in a ball on the floor sucking ones thumb.....repeat after me "it is only the photo, photo's add 5 inches to ones butt, it is only the photo, photo's add 5 inches to ones butt, it is only the photo, photo's add 5 inches to ones butt.....and make them appear saggy and baggy".


  1. I especially liked the "Die, die, die" part. And I am glad to hear you whining about how "big" (notice the quotes) your backend is, when I've seen it - at least I think I've seen it; thing's so small it's hard to tell if it's just a trick of the light - and I KNOW that the word "big" doesn't even live in the same universe. So maybe when I look at pictures of mine, it isn't as big as IT looks, either.


    And could we just slow down on the home industry here, do you think? You're wrecking the curve.

  2. RACHEL! You do not have big bootie! You're so funny...

    You are so amazing, I'm so impressed with all of your hard work in canning. Your kids are very lucky to have a mommy like you that will take the time to make such good home made foods. I really admire you!


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